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X-Move smaller brother. X-Pulse combines small size and the most practical solutions. It was primarly designed to take care of your child’s comfort. The very big hood and air wheels are just one of many elements protecting your child while driving around the city. New, 2021 version has a larger and higher hood. The hood has been raised by 7 cm so that even a tall child has a lot of space above their head.

* Weave in particular fabrics may vary.

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This stroller is multifunctional travel system with rear air tyres with soft suspension foldable to lie down suitable from birth folding together with the seat

X-Pulse is not another ordinary city stroller. Air, ten-inch rear wheels allow smooth ride even up the curbs, protecting the child from shocks transfer even during sleep.

Reclining seat with adjustable footrest provides additional space for the child and lying position is more comfortable during naptime.

For us, child’s comfort and safety are just as important as it is for you. That’s why we have installed a big hood that will cover the whole child in case of noise or demanding weather.

This is an outdoor stroller perfectly adapted to the rhythm of life in the city. However, above all, it is a stroller adapted to your child’s needs.

The new, higher hood in 2021 collection serves one more purpose, it protects the child from sun, wind and other difficult weather conditions. Also, thanks to this update, even a tall child will have a lot of space over their head. You don’t have to worry that your child will grow out of the stroller quickly. Such an improved stroller will definitely be of good use till your child doesn’t need it anymore.

Download the instruction manual and check how easy it is to use!

Weight and dimensions

Weight (kg) 12,1 8,1 8,1 4,2 4,8
Length (cm) 81-95 81-95 71 80 78
Height (cm) 96-107 96-107 44 20 20
Width (cm) 57 57 57 31 31

New, better X-Pulse

We have made significant changes to the front wheel suspension by increasing the amount of flexibility, which made the suspension feel even softer. Softer suspension is easy to notice when pressing the stroller downwards, and not as before, when hitting an obstacle only. X-Pulse stroller now has reliable shock absorption on all 4 wheels. Pneumatic rear tires are additional advantage . They work better on uneven surfaces and vibrations generated while driving are not transferred onto the child but are absorbed by the stroller’s suspension. The new version of 2021 stroller has a better, higher hood. New dimensions of the hood significantly increased the space inside the stroller. Now, even a tall or older child has a lot of space above their head. This solution makes the stroller suitable for use from birth until the end of the stroller period, without having to buy a larger stroller.

X-PULSE features

Large hood

Simple to use, assuring full protection. It’s an absolute must have. It gives effective protection against wind, rain or sun. Adjustable, depending on the needs, it can be enlarged by pulling a zip. After unfolding it covers the child completely, adjusting to their position. So it works well when your child is sound asleep, creating a cosy place for them to nap. The new, higher hood in 2021 collection serves one more purpose, it protects the child from sun, wind and other difficult weather conditions. Also, thanks to this update, even a tall child will have a lot of space over their head. You don’t have to worry that your child will grow out of the stroller quickly. Such an improved stroller will definitely be of good use till your child doesn’t need it anymore.

UV50+ fabric

UV50+ fabric. One of the assumptions in the design of strollers is children safety and health. All stroller fabrics have the highest UV50+ protection. Thanks to this protection, harmful, strong UV rays do not get inside the carrycot or the covered part of the seat. Large UV50 hood shields the child almost completely, taking care of their health and protecting against harmful external factors.

Adjustable shopping basket

Easily accessible and roomy. Adjustable shopping basket which expands or shrinks according to the needs of your family. It will carry all accessories that are necessary during your walk. It is ideal whether you are currently using the carrycot or the seat unit. It will definitely carry all your shopping as well.

Telescopic handle

Rides like a charm. The handle can be adjusted to the height of the user with just one hand.

Rear air wheels

Glides through uneven terrain. Thanks to them, every ride is really safe and smooth even in more demanding terrain. Vibrations and shocks are not transfer onto the child. They absorb road unevenness and run smoothly. Perfect for trips in urban areas, great for uneven pavements. Work the best when the pressure in the wheels is kept on correct level.

LED lights in footrest

Safe during travels. As one of the first on the Polish market we have introduced additional LED lights in the footrest. They provide maximum safety for our small passengers. Their pulsating lights allow you to see the pushchair from much greater distance than with traditional reflective elements only. It is extremely important during walks in the evening or when you are using some poorly lit roads and paths. Simple to maintain, three R44 batteries are enough, they are included in the set with the pushchair.

5-point safety belts

Designed for safety and comfort. Our safety belts system is a harness with a buckle and 5 attachments points. Thanks to this solution the child is secure sitting in the pushchair and is unable to unfasten themselves.So it fully guarantees stability and security. The straps can be placed in the seat at two heights, adjusting them to the size and height of the child. They have protective casings separating the body against pressure and providing great convenience.

Suspension in all four wheels

Comfortable ride even in difficult terrain. All wheels suspension means that both the front and rear axle of the buggy absorbs shocks and helps during ride on uneven surfaces. Each wheel has a spring which helps in levelling the bumpy surfaces. It means that the vibrations will not be transferred onto your child and every stroll is comfortable and smooth.

Aluminum frame

Reliable light construction. Aluminium is a high quality raw material. It definitely strengthens the construction of our pushchairs. Thanks to it, our pushchairs are durable and light, enabling parents trouble-free using especially when it comes to bringing the buggy up the stairs or packing it to the car boot.

Mosquito net

Handy protection during walks. Mosquito net is built in the footrest so it is always at hand when strolling in the park or forest or in the place where your child is prone to insects bites. It is fitted nicely to the seat frame so it makes the whole area insect-tight. Your child can take pleasure in napping in the open air without exposure to unpleasant bites. Apart from being a protective shield it also provides constant air flow.

Strengthened seams

Durability, quality and good style. Strengthened seams in the seat not only guarantee its durability, but also provide it with higher quality. Strengthening the seat is due to the fact that, similarly to the footrest of the wheelchair, it is particularly exposed to exploitation. However, for your child it is primarily to strengthen the comfort of driving a cart.

Reclining seat

Suited to child’s needs. Smooth and quiet regulation, so that we can adjust the position of the backrest whenever our child needs it. Extremely useful function, especially when your child falls asleep during walk. Backrest adjustable in four positions, including the maximum lying position, to provide your child with the best and comfortable setting.

X-Pulse city stroller with off-road features

Designed for children from their birth (in combination with the X-Pram or X-Pram Light carrycot) until the end of their stroller adventure (seat from about 6 months – about 3 years – 15kg). It has the option of installing a group 0 car seat.

It works well both in the city and in the park, or on a gravel road.

It has shock absorption of the front wheels, which compensates uneven surfaces, and acts anti-shock when reaching an obstacle in the front, such as a curb. The back of the stroller also has a shock absorber and air wheels. All these will work well not only on uneven pavements, but also on suburban roads.

The weight of the X-Pulse is only 12kg. Folds together with the seat in a small package that fits almost any car booth. Thanks to the folding lock, it does not unfold when carrying or taking out of the car booth.

X-Pulse, unlike the X-Cite model, has a seat with adjustable backrest and it’s regardless of the footrest position. This allows you to create a flat surface for the sleeping child. Its large, enlarged hood allows, even in this most unfolded position, to completely cover the child. A ventilation panel ensures air circulation inside.

X-Pulse, like most X-Lander strollers, has an LED panel in the footrest. This innovative solution in strollers increases the visibility of the stroller after dark. Especially in autumn and winter, when dusk falls around 4pm.

A large shopping basket is important every time we go out whether it’s a short walk or long trip. X-Pulse basket is really roomy and expandable. It allows you to pack things for a picnic or big shopping on the way home.

Very often, parents hesitate between choosing large air wheels and better suspension to an urban, lighter stroller model, folded in a few moves…. X-Pulse seems to be a golden mean.

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Safe after dark

Thanks to the LED lights mounted in the footrest, your child is guaranteed with even better visibility than traditional reflective elements. Visibility after dark is increases by up to 50 m. When you walk around in the dark or walk along a poorly lit road, you can be sure that your child is safe in their pushchair. You become visible to passing cars or other road users.

The LED lights are battery-operated, their assembly is really simple and takes a few moments. Turn the frame in a way you see the underside of the footrest. Insert the three LR44 batteries attached to your model. The button that activates the LED lights is located on the upper part of the frame. The panel shines either with a flashing light or a steady light. If necessary, you can use the instructions on the bottom of the footrest when installing the batteries.

It really makes your pushchair safe, protecting the ones that you love the most.

3in1 or 2in1 travel system?

3in1 is one of the options for your travel system. To be precise, you can install the carrycot, seat unit or car seat on the chassis. Depending on your child’s age or situation which you are using the travel system in, this possibility is a very comfortable option.

2in1 is the term for the pram. It means that you can install either the seat or the carrycot of the frame. You child can use it from birth up to 3 years old.

3in1 or 2in1? make the best choice for you, your baby and your daily routines!

Ideal city-type stroller

X-Pulse is a relatively small stroller that turns into little package after folding. Lightweight in handling, transport and storage. However, that’s not all. Thanks to the front wheel with ball bearings, X-Pulse is easily carried out on any type of surface.

No matter if you decide to take a walk through the park or the old town, your child will be guaranteed with comfort and pleasure while riding.

When the city rushes, you can move at your own pace and enjoy the time spent together in your own way. And thanks to the telescopic adjustment of the handle, you can adjust its height to youurself.

We wish X-Pulse gives you comfort and strengthens this extraordinary and close contact. That’s why the stroller seat can be installed in both directions. Thanks to this, your little one will be able to look at you and fell safe and comfortable.

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