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Experience and safety

For 20 years, X-landers have been leading you through every terrain, bumps and not always sunny days. We have already experienced many trips with you for the evaluation and many storms. For years, we have been making every effort to ensure that you spend time together safely and freely. We are glad that you trusted us and this motivates us to introduce new, better products.


To provide you with the highest quality, we follow strict internal safety rules, created on the basis of 70 years of experience in the production of trucks and the guidelines of the EU standard EN 1881: 1/2018.



We also examine and test aspects that are not required by the standard.

 X-lander products are safe to use and meet all the requirements of the latest European Standard EN 1888: 2018, incl. regulation EN 71-2 – flammability, EN 71-3 – migration of heavy elements. In addition to the standard applicable as a manufacturer, we use additional tests and physical tests, such as: regulation of resistance to saliva and sweat, regulation of AZO, colorants and formaldehydes. In our opinion, this research should always be used in cases such as production dedicated to children. We also use odorless foils, phthalate-free hems on the handles, barriers and non-pinching finger mechanisms.



 In the internal laboratory, we carry out, among others endurance tests (72,000 cycles for trolleys up to 15 kg and additionally 24,000 cycles with a load of 22 kg for trolleys up to 22 kg), stability tests, strength tests of the handle (from 10,000 to 13,300 cycles).


  To make sure that our prams are safe and durable, we also commission external tests in laboratories and check them for the strength of mechanisms, and we buy fabrics from proven sources and from certified producers who have, among others, the OEKO-TEX 100 certificate.



Then, individual department managers control the product at every step of its production so that they can verify its compliance with durability and safety criteria.



The next stage is supervising the production process. Our inspectors closely monitor each stage of production and randomly check the goods before sending them to the customer. All the processes described above have been checked and verified by members of an independent laboratory. The result of these activities is the European safety standard EN 1888 test for our products. X-lander strollers comply with the European safety standard EN 1888, which sets out uniform technical safety requirements and a procedure for inspecting strollers throughout Europe. Each certified product receives a mark confirming its tested properties.



Before the product is sent to an authorized laboratory for official testing, it passes through the same tests in our internal laboratory. We apply the principle that the key strength parameters imposed by the EN 1888 standard in our internal tests must be exceeded 2 to 3 times. This applies, for example, to the number of hours on the roller tester, load during the test or the number of repetitions during endurance tests. An example is the test consisting in repeatedly pressing on the handle of the load stroller. It is designed to check the strength of the handle. The standard provides for 10,000 repetitions. We make more than 40,000 cycles.



*Compliance Manager is responsible for defining safety requirements and appropriate standards for the product. They assure that the product is made according to the norms and regulations at every stage of design and production.

EN 1888 NORM


X-lander pushchairs are in accordance with the European safety standard EN 1888, which defines the uniform technical requirements for safety as well as the procedure for inspecting prams in all of Europe. Each certified product obtains a mark confirming its tested properties