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Stroller muffs – how to take care of your hands on cold days?

Stroller muffs or dedicated hand warmers for the stroller are extremely practical accessories that will work very well both on frosty, winter and cool autumn days. Muffs for the stroller are a kind of gloves, which, however, are permanently fastened to the handle of the stroller, which makes them much more functional during walks with the child. Muffs are primarily designed to protect the hands of the person driving the wheelchair. These special “gloves” for the stroller protect your hands from the cold and wind. Hand muffs for the stroller can be in the form of separate gloves or in the form of one pocket. In addition, X-lander hand muffs can be completed, for example, with a stroller sleeping bag, which creates a tasteful and distinctive set during walks.

Hand muffs for a pram or traditional gloves?

In the case of walks with a child, muffs for prams are definitely more practical than traditional gloves. First of all, they are fastened to the handle of the stroller, thanks to which they will not fall off during quick removal, which happens when you urgently need to take care of the child. They will also not fall into a puddle or snow, which could make it necessary to end the walk. Muffs are also very easy and quick to put on. You can fasten them on the handle of the stroller in a convenient way, while allowing you to easily drive the stroller, warming your hands. They are also a fashionable and effective accessory that creates a coherent whole with the pram and the sleeping bag.

How are stroller muffs made?

The form of muffs for the stroller is slightly different depending on the specific model, while the main features are:

– the outer layer is made of impregnated material that is resistant to rain or snow. Thanks to this, the muff is dry and comfortable.
– the inner insulation is made of a very pleasant to the touch material. Depending on the model, they are made of fleece or velvet materials. You can also choose muffs with fur.

– X-lander stroller muffs are made of the highest quality fabrics, which is confirmed by the appropriate OEKO-TEX 100 certificate. The brand offers muffs for prams on the following models:

X-MUFF Tailor – in the form of winter, comfortable gloves;

X-MUFF Velvet – in the form of a quilted, elegant and pleasant warmer;

X-MUFF Art – in the form of gloves in designer and trendy patterns;

X-MUFF – classic muff in a timeless gray color.

A practical and designer gift idea, i.e. pram muffs and their main advantages

Stroller muffs are a great idea for a gift.
They attract attention with their original design and colors. They are available in neutral gray or original X-lander colors such as petrol blue, astral black, azure grey. For those who like patterns, the best option will be those from the X-Muff Art series. Stroller muffs are not only an eye-catching decoration, but above all they are very practical. Just slip your hands into the muffs to provide them with a feeling of comfort and warmth. Hand muffs are also a great gift idea, e.g. for a Baby Shower.