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Carrycots for X-lander prams – comfortable and safe walks with the youngest children
Carrycots or carrycots, which are attached to the frames of 3in1, 2in1 prams, are intended for use from the day of birth. Deep prams ensure full safety and comfort for the youngest, as well as restful sleep during walks. In gondolas, children are transported only in a lying or semi-recumbent position. It is worth noting that the gX-lander endols allow you to easily and intuitively adjust the position of the backrest. For newborns and infants who are not yet able to sit up on their own, the lying position is recommended. On the other hand, in the case of children with the problem of gastric reflux, a semi-recumbent position is preferable. It is also perfect for a few months old babies who already want to see the world, but are not yet able to sit up on their own.
Carrycots for Pushchairs are designed in such a way that the child also has freedom of movement, and at the same time, thanks to the high sides of the carrycot, it is fully protected against possible leaning out of the stroller. Carrycots are also designed to protect children from adverse weather conditions. All X-lander carrycots are designed with the utmost attention to detail, with the health of children in mind, while maintaining a modern design and functional solutions that make walking easier for parents.
What to look for when choosing carrycot strollers?
When choosing carrycots, you should be guided primarily by the safety and comfort of the child, as well as practical solutions for parents. Below are some examples of solutions used in X-lander carrycots, which are worth considering when choosing a carrycot stroller.

The carrycot for the pram should be light, so that it is easy for parents to attach or detach it from the frame, lift it, move it or carry it up the stairs. Here, a very practical solution used in X-lander carrycots are aluminum, ergonomic handles that allow for comfortable carrying.

The carrycot should have a sufficiently large, preferably additionally extendable canopy, protecting against adverse weather conditions. The booth should be made of UV50 materials, i.e. it should be the highest protector of sunlight permeability, guaranteeing the best protection of the baby’s skin. In addition, it should be equipped with a large mesh ventilation window. A very practical solution used in the X-lander carrycot is also a detachable panel that allows you to provide the baby with adequate airflow during walks on warm days.

A very important and necessary element of the carrycot is also a precisely fitted cover. In this regard, the X-lander brand has introduced a solution consisting in attaching the cover to the carrycot with magnets. This is an extremely intuitive way, which above all allows you to put on or take off the cover without making a noise. In this way, without waking the baby, we can easily and quickly react to changing weather conditions during a walk. An important element of the cover is also a convenient vestibule, which allows convenient access to the child at any time.

The carrycot should be made of good quality materials and fabrics. The quality must be confirmed by appropriate certificates ensuring safety for children. In addition, the outer materials of which the carrycot is made should be waterproof. It is good that the carrycot also has a foam mattress that is easy to clean. Compared to mattresses made of natural coconut or buckwheat fibres, the foam one does not increase the rapid development of fungi or mold, thanks to which it provides the child with the highest comfort and safety. In addition, a very practical solution is the possibility of removing the interior of the carrycot. X-lander has introduced a solution in the form of Velcro fasteners that attach the interior to the carrycot and also allow it to be easily removed and washed at any time.

It is also extremely important to ensure proper air circulation in the carrycot, which affects the comfort of the child’s travel. In the case of the X-Pram Light 2.0 carrycot, the latest solution has been used that allows ventilation of the entire carrycot. Namely, the possibility of detaching an additional panel, which is located in the cover covering the child’s legs, has been introduced. The panel is detached with a zipper and then rolled up, which provides additional air supply and effective ventilation even on hot days.

An additional canopy protecting the child from the sun or wind is useful in each carrycot. In the case of the X-Pram light 2.0 carrycot, an extremely practical solution was used in in the form of a double sliding visor. Two-stage adjustment allows you to adjust the appropriate setting depending on the weather conditions. The fully unfolded canopy not only protects the child, but also creates extremely nice and cozy conditions during walks, even on the sunniest days.

An important aspect is the ability to easily and stably attach the carrycot to the frame of the stroller. Intuitive adapters are suitable for this purpose. The whole thing should also be easy to transport in a car trunk.

It is also worth paying attention to the possibility of matching additional accessories to the carrycot. In the case of the X-lander brand, the products are fully compatible, so you can easily choose, for example, a raincover for the carrycot, a mosquito net, a pram bag, or a cup or bottle holder.

Top products available on the market – X-lander carrycots
By choosing the X-lander carrycot, we gain, above all, maximum safety for the child, comfort of walks, the highest quality as well as intuitive solutions and modern design. Depending on the model of the stroller, we can choose X-Pram light 2.0 or Carrycot X-Nest dedicated to prams for two children. Carrycots are available in many different colors. Choosing the right carrycot is a key decision, as it also affects the proper development of the child. It allows you to take care of his health, but also facilitates walks for parents through practical solutions. It is therefore worth focusing on the top models available on the market when choosing a carrycot.

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