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A practical and capacious trolley bag is the one that will fit everything you need during walks and leaving the house. It’s more than a trolley bag because it includes useful accessories in the set and it won’t get wet like travel backpacks. The inner X-Rollbag hides many pockets and compartments to, for example, separate what is clean from dirty.

Capacity: 17L


  • Fully waterproof and stain resistant

  • Thanks to a special coating, the fabric of the entire bag is stain resistant. The slippery material does not absorb dirt and is easy to clean. The bag is never under the rain cover so it gets wet. Thanks to a special coating, the fabric of the entire bag and the zippers are waterproof.
  • Resizes

  • Thanks to the buckles on the sides, it can be enlarged and reduced depending on the situation and needs.
  • Useful additions

  • Small things, such as keys, can always be at hand thanks to the carabiner attached bag, which can be hidden inside or attached to the outside. This blue outer holder has many uses, for example, you can hang a pacifier or key ring on it.
  • A well-thought-out inside part

  • Much needed liquid bottle stabilizing pocket. Zipper pocket and a few additional compartments are very useful in every bag, and in a trolley bag they save many trips out of the house. The light color of the interior makes it easy to find things inside.
  • Durable and tight

  • It is secured with rubber "feet". This means that wherever you stop during a walk, you can put the bag on any surface without fear. It is made of waterproof and hardened material, so even when it gets dirty, it will not get wet and will not be damaged.
  • Quick access from the outside

  • In an easily accessible place, we placed a pocket for the phone and secured it with a waterproof zipper. The zipper handle is rubber and large, which makes it comfortable to grip, even with gloves.


  • X-Move

  • X-Pulse

  • X-Cite

  • X-Run

  • X-Fly

  • X-Follow

  • X-Double


  • Mini-bag

  • Thermal pack for the bottle

  • Shoulder strap

  • Handle attachments