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3 in 1 type stroller

369 €

Easy through the city.

Extremely comfortable, surprisingly agile, very compact, and in addition, a safe stroller. The smallest and lightest mini version of the 3-in-1 strolley with a bucket seat. The backrest, seat and footrest are one whole element. Stroller which can be used for newborns.


3 in 1 type stroller

499 €

Always on the move

The largest 3-in-1 stroller. Thanks to good suspension and 4 air wheels it gained the title of SUV among strollers. A large, comfortable stroller, which guarantees comfort and safety even on difficult terrain.


3 in 1 type stroller

369 €

On a daily trip

A small 3in1 stroller with very practical solutions. Air 10-inch wheels, large hood, and reclining seat with adjustable footrest make it an ideal stroller – both outdoor and urban.


Jogging stroller

479 €

Always on the move

Jogging-type stroller for active families. Jogging stroller with inclined wheels, which significantly increase its stability. In addition, equipped with a bell and hand brake, allows more control during walks and runs together.


Buggy-type stroller

319 €

In the heart of journey.

Extremely light buggy – it weighs only 6,9 kg. It is so compact that when folded, it is very easy to carry thanks to the included shoulder strap. It has a big seat and large hood for a buggy and thanks to its suspension and ball bearing wheels, it is very easy to ride, even with one hand only. A car seat group 0+ can be attached to it can be used from birth.


Buggy-type stroller

219 €

X-Follow is light, high quality and perfect in every detail. It folds with one hand. When folded, it is compact, easy to carry and it keeps up with your lifestyle. X-Follow is a very convenient, comfortable buggy for your baby, which is easy to maneuver. This buggy model is distinguished by an elegant touch, minimalist design and a palette of 6 fashionable colours to choose from.


2 × more closeness - 2 × less problems

319 €

In everyday life

Two children means different needs but in X-Double no compromise is required. To meet your expectations and the needs of your little ones, we have created a stroller for twins or two children of different ages. The lightest and smallest double stroller on the market – weighs only 11.9 kg. You can fold and unfold it easily. When folded, it is not much bigger than a single stroller!


Buggy-type stroller

189 €

More than you expect

X-Jive is a year-round buggy for every season. This model is agile, stable and easy to fold. Thanks to large wheels and shock absorption, it will work well on sidewalks covered with snow in winter and on forest paths in summer. It folds down to a light, small package that you can pick up with one hand and even fit in a small car booth. Certified from birth up to 22 kg.


Buggy-type stroller

269,00 €



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Stroller servicing after a year of usage

Having children’s safety in mind, we offer a maintenance service – “Servicing after a year”. As a stroller manufacturer, we have the opportunity to review all X-lander stroller models. The service covers prams, pushchairs and 3in1 sets, starting from 2016 collection. A stroller, like every other vehicle, deserves an inspection after some time so we are very pleased to offer you help and assistance.

You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

We give answers to the questions whether strollers can be used for children who cannot sit up on their own yet, whether we have strollers for babies, what is the stroller weight limit. We advise on the functionality of individual 3-in-1 travel systems. You will find the answer about carrycot weight limit and how bucket-type seat  has a positive effect on their health. You will find this and much more in our FAQ section.

Polish tradition, Dutch design.

We are a family company designing and producing strollers for children. We know that being a parent is indeed the greatest and the most beautiful adventure in life. Thanks to the new line, active time spent together will provide even more pleasure. We know that life is a journey, from the moment the child comes into this world. It is the time of many discoveries and getting to know each other. For us, activity is a way of life and parenting.

Activity, joy and responsibility are the values that constitute both the foundation of the brand and the basis of any new product development. Thanks to them, we support family quality time and we offer more opportunities of spending time together. Your journey is our goal.


Activity, joy and responsibility

Each of these values is applied to our projects. They can be seen in the colours, precision of workmanship, many new and functional solutions. We want them to be a part of your active family life! Therefore, as a design partner, we joined the X-Lander brand. Our common goal is to create a collection that perfectly meets the needs of children, while meeting the requirements of those who love movement, travel and long walks. Together with the X-Lander brand, we returned to their roots, combining Polish tradition and the Dutch design, still maintaining it on a world-class level. Together, we have created a harmonious space for even more convenient solutions, more practical details. Just to be together, as often as possible.

Strollers and 3in1 travel systems – new solutions

Listening to your opinions, as a pram manufacturer, we went against it by introducing changes to our collection. Among other things, we expanded the booths in strollers with an additional panel. Thanks to this, it is even better to protect the child from unfavorable weather conditions such as wind or blinding sun. We have expanded the 3in1 prams with retractable canopies. We have standardized the colors of the baskets so that each of the elements, whether it is a gondola or stroller, harmonizes even better with the color of the frame. All models of trolleys are equipped with ventilation windows. Which ensure air circulation inside the walking seat. We also introduced new products, such as a colorful X-Pad cotton insert, which protects pushchairs, and more specifically their seats, from getting dirty. An interesting solution is also the X-Rest shallow insert for a pram with a bucket seat, which makes it possible to obtain a functional baby stroller by adjusting the stroller seat. There are such accessories as X-Clean – wheel covers or a completely new version of the outdoor umbrella – X-Cloud.The individual features have been described in detail for each model of strollers


Serwis Door-to-door. Gwarancja 30 miesięcy. Przegląd po roku.

Nasze wózki dziecięce cieszą się bardzo dobrą opinią! Słyną z wytrzymałości i jakości wykonania. Bardzo dużą wagę przykładamy, aby nasze wózki dla dzieci spełniły bardzo wysokie wymagania. X-lander jest znany, jako marka dbająca o swoich klientów. W przypadku, kiedy zdarzy się, że wózek wymaga serwisowania lub naprawy, wykonujemy to w możliwie najkrótszym czasie. Usługę realizujemy w 72 godziny na terenie całego kraju, za pośrednictwem firmy kurierskiej. Serwis wózka i obsługa kurierska jest darmowa w trakcie trwania 30 miesięcznej gwarancji. Zarówno wózki 3w1 jak i wózki spacerowe odbieramy we wskazanym miejscu. Po dokonaniu wymaganych naprawach odsyłamy na ten sam adres. Wiemy, jak ważne są spacery z dzieckiem. Wózki dla niemowlaka czy spacerówki naprawiamy “od ręki”. Aby skorzystać z usługi door to door skontaktuj się za naszym działem serwisu lub skorzystaj z formularza zamieszczonego na stronie Usługę door to door realizujemy wyłącznie po wcześniejszym kontakcie z działem serwisu. Nie zwracamy kosztów samodzielnej dostawy.


Take care of your and your child’s safety


X-Cite 3in1, stroller with bucket type seat. It provides appropriate comfort for child’s spine, it helps in body weight distribution, thus enables the correct shape and curvature of the spine as well as properly affects the hip joints. In addition, in case of children with extended tension of the lower back, being seated in a bent position properly influences the reduction of such state. In other words, this position positively affects tension release and muscle relaxation. Here, it should be noted that the suitable physiological position for a sleeping baby is on their back and it helps in correct posture of the hip joints. Side sleeping is not reccommended. At older age, side sleeping in bucket type seat is possible, it is not the most convenient though.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Mr Stanisław Faliszewski

X-lander pushchairs are in accordance with the European safety standard EN 1888, which defines the uniform technical requirements for safety as well as the procedure for inspecting prams in all of Europe. Each certified product obtains a mark confirming its tested properties.

Quality of X-Lander strollers has been confirmed by numerous prizes.

2014 Award
 2014 Parent’s Award

2014 MUST HAVE 2014, Łódź design festival Award
The most interesting products from Polish designers or producers.

2013 Favourite products of Twój Maluszek 2013
Plebiscite of Twój Maluszek magazine readers

2013 HIT Mamo to ja
Plebiscite of “Mamo to ja” magazine readers
Best for children in the category “Best puschair”

2009 Super Product
Plebiscite of “Dziecko” magazine readers

2009 HIT „Mamo to ja”
Plebiscite of “Mamo to ja” magazine readers
Best for children in the category “Best puschair”

2008 European medal
Office of the European Integration Committee BUSINESS CENTER CLUB

Good design 2009
Institute of Industrial Design

2008 PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 Certificate
Polish Center for Accreditation
design, manufacturing, sale and service of car seats and pushchairs

2007 Title great product
SUPER PRODUCT of “Mam dziecko” magazine
Car seats, Baby carriers, category Pushchairs

The most interesting products from Polish designers or producers.

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