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A bag and a backpack for a stroller, i.e. practical accessories that will make every walk easier
The trolley bag, like a dedicated backpack, is an extremely practical element of every walk. The key advantages of such accessories are, above all, the possibility of easy and well-thought-out storage of all the things necessary during walks. The bags can be easily fastened to the stroller frame, which makes them a coherent whole with the stroller, but also aesthetically matched. Dedicated stroller bags are therefore not only a very useful element of walks, but also an extremely designer addition to the stroller.

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Trolley backpack – a great alternative to classic bags
Instead of classic bags, we can use a backpack for a stroller with a wide range of uses. Specially designed internal pockets are important here, which will allow you to conveniently store not only small items, but also all other things that we need to take for a walk with a toddler. Our X-Venture model is such a product, available in two color variants – beige and blue. An important part of our trolley backpacks are the details that give exceptional usability, and also make you feel fashionable on every outing. The versatile use of stroller backpacks means that we can also use them to complement our styling during everyday shopping or work trips. The shoulder straps allow you to carry the backpack comfortably on your back, and if necessary, we can carry it like a bag using the top handle. In this case, it will also work perfectly as a laptop bag, especially since it has a dedicated, specially prepared soft compartment. The stroller backpack is therefore characterized by great versatility and wide application.
X-Bag lite
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A small trolley bag for “smaller” outings
In the case of going to the store for small purchases or running together with your child, it is worth choosing a stroller bag. One of such products is our trolley organizer model called X-Bag Lite. Its small size ensures maximum comfort, also when running with a stroller (with a large bag, you hit it with your knees), at the same time, they are sufficient to accommodate small items – keys or a wallet, without overloading the stroller. We recommend a small stroller bag especially for the X-Run model, dedicated to more active spending time with your child, or for the X-Fly model during city trips.

Practical solutions used in X-lander bags and backpacks
X-lander bags and backpacks are practical attributes that are worth taking on walks with a toddler. The smaller X-Bag Lite model will store the most necessary things. It is recommended for parents who love to spend time actively with their children and need a bag for training or a short outing. The large X-Bag trolley bag has a capacity of 15 liters, so we can easily fit all the necessary trinkets in it. A similar capacity is also characteristic of X-Venture backpacks. Both the large trolley bag and the backpack have numerous compartments that facilitate the orderly storage of the things we have taken. The equipment of the trolley bag includes a tourist changing table, a thermos that keeps you warm and a sachet for small cash or keys. Just like the bag, the trolley backpack is equipped with a thermal cover useful for storing a drink in a bottle, as well as a changing mat. In addition, the backpack also has a special external pocket for wet wipes.
Fastening – a very important element of every bag and backpack for a stroller
Each practical trolley bag should be equipped with a solid attachment to the handle or frame of the trolley. This is what X-lander trolley bags are characterized by. X-Bag Lite and X-Bag can be easily attached to the stroller frame. The X-Venture backpack has a velcro fastening to the stroller handle, which is why it is a universal solution, dedicated to most stroller models.
A wide range of colors of trolley bags
X-lander pram bags are not only practical. Thanks to the possibility of adapting them to the color of the stroller and individual preferences, they are also a fashionable addition to the stroller. Many parents decide to buy a universal, azure gray pram bag, which we have in our offer. It is worth noting that X-Bag bags are also available in many different colors: grey, black, beige and blue.

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