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Universal, what is it?

It combines the spaciousness and comfort of off-road strollers with the most proven Mayan solutions. It was created primarily to ensure better comfort for your child, without compromise. The most important for comfort: a very large and high hood, a wide seat, a very large shopping basket, a reversible seat and large inflatable rear wheels. All this at a very reasonable price and the highest quality of workmanship.

Restful sleep

Children’s naps are favored by a fold-out seat with an adjustable footrest. Thanks to this, after unfolding it, a large space is created for comfortable lying down.

For longer

The new canopy (from 2021) is higher and thus better protects your child. Thanks to this change, even a tall child will have plenty of headroom. You do not have to worry that your child will quickly outgrow the stroller.

The set includes: footmuff, mosquito net, barrier, seat.

*Fabrics may differ in weave.

Download the manual and see how easy it is to use!



  • Versatile for any terrain

  • Cushioned large wheels

  • It is a pram perfectly adapted to the rhythm of life in the city and beyond. The large air-filled rear wheels are great on rough terrain and dirt paths.
  • Expandable shopping basket

  • Expandable and easy-to-access basket

  • Capacious shopping basket with adjustable volume and easy access. Regardless of whether we use a stroller or a gondola, it will accommodate all the things necessary for children during a walk or everyday shopping.
  • Telescopic handle adjustment

  • Driving comfort

  • The adjustable handle of the stroller is a must to drive it comfortably. It can be adjusted to you and your height with one hand movement by pressing a button.
  • Folding seat for sleeping

  • Perfectly suited for lying down

  • The backrest is adjustable in four positions, including the lying position, to ensure the best and comfortable sleep position. We have installed an unusual, for its size, large booth in the stroller, which will protect the whole child in the event of noise or bad weather.
  • Pumped rear wheels

  • Ease of handling over uneven surfaces

  • Thanks to them, driving the X-Pulse on an uneven surface is pleasant and safe. Vibrations and shocks do not transfer so much to the child. They absorb the unevenness of the road. Perfect for trips with a toddler in forest areas, but they are also great on uneven pavements. (The condition is to maintain proper tire pressure).
  • All wheel suspension

  • Confident driving comfort of the child even on difficult terrain

  • Due to the fact that the stroller has shock absorption on all wheels, both the front and rear axles of the stroller deflect on uneven surfaces. The springs placed in the wheel mounts are responsible for the shock absorption. It reduces vibrations that will not be transferred to your child, turning a walk into a safe and calm ride.


    These are the springs in the wheel mounts. It limits vibrations that will not be transferred to your baby.


    Easy wheel removal system

    Thanks to them, riding the stroller on an uneven surface is pleasant, and the shocks do not transfer so much to the child.


    When driving over heavy sand or over branches or potholes, block the front wheels to prevent them from turning. It will make the walk much easier. You can do it by pressing up a specially designed, easily accessible button above the wheel.



Special advantage of the X-Pulse is its universal character and versatile use.

A special advantage of the X-Pulse is its universal character and versatile use.
Comfortable to carry, solid and stable in difficult terrain, cushioned, yet maneuverable and foldable with a seat. This model has urban and off-road features.

Thanks to the bearing front wheels, the X-Pulse rolls uphill or over uneven surfaces very easily. Whether you choose a walk along the park paths or the historic old town, the toddler in the gondola and stroller will be guaranteed comfort and pleasure of riding.

The city is rushing, but you can move at your own pace. Thanks to the multi-stage adjustment of the telescopic handle, you can adjust its height to the operator. And thanks to the reversible seat, the child watches the world or stays in eye contact with you. You decide which option is needed at the moment.


We have made significant changes to the construction of the front wheels, increasing the range of spring deflection and significantly increasing the cushioning of the stroller. The soft cushioning is noticeable under pressure from above, not just when hitting an obstacle. The X-Pulse stroller now has reliable shock absorption on all 4 wheels. An additional advantage is the pumped rear tires, which additionally absorb shocks. Thanks to this, vibrations generated during the ride do not transfer to the child, because they are largely absorbed by the suspension of the stroller. The new version of the stroller has a higher hood, now also better for older children. The new dimensions of the booth significantly increased the space inside the stroller. Now even a big child has room above his head. This solution makes the stroller work from birth until the end of the stroller period, without having to buy a larger stroller.

Universal stroller with the most necessary functions.

This is a classic model of a 3-in-1 stroller. Intended for children from birth (in combination with the X-Pram Light 2.0 carrycot) until the end of the pram adventure (the stroller seat from approx. 6 months – approx. 3.5 years or 15 kg). It has the option of installing a group 0 car seat. Its functions include a set of the most necessary everyday features and a few surprising surprises such as LED lighting or a pocket mosquito net hidden in the footrest.

It will work well on the pavement, park paths or on a gravel road.

It has shock absorption on all wheels that compensates for uneven surfaces, such as the ANTI-SHOCK SYSTEM that works when the front of the stroller hits an obstacle. All these amenities will work not only on uneven sidewalks, but also on suburban roads. Regardless of the type of walk, a large shopping basket is always important. In X-Pulse, it is really capacious and additionally enlarged. Its unfolding allows you to pack things for a picnic or big shopping on the way home.

Removable wheels for transport and fastening system – for convenient carrying.

The weight of the X-Pulse stroller, with large ball bearing wheels, is only 12 kg. It folds together with the seat, and very easy removal of the wheels – with one button – makes it easy to store or transport by car. Thanks to the buckle fastening the frame, it does not unfold when worn or removed from the car.
Very often parents hesitate between inflatable, large wheels that affect the weight of the stroller, but provide soft cushioning, and a lighter and smaller model. Each of these options involves some trade-offs. X-Pulse seems to be such a golden mean. Versatile, yet giving everything you need.

Care and safety.

The X-Pulse stroller seat is a classic adjustable backrest, separately adjustable footrest and turning to the parent or in the direction of travel. This allows you to create a flat surface for the sleeping baby. Its extremely large canopy allows, even in the most unfolded position, to completely protect the child. The ventilation panel in the booth is very useful on hot days and provides the child with a gentle breeze.
X-Pulse, like all our 3in1 strollers, has an LED panel in the footrest.

Out of concern for you and the safety of your children, we were the first Polish brand to design integrated LED lighting. Especially in our latitude, this is a very important function for many days of the year.

Thanks to the LED lights mounted in the footrest of the stroller, your child is guaranteed even better visibility than with traditional reflectors. It increases by up to 50 m. When you are walking after dark or walking along the roadside on a poorly lit road, you can be sure that your little one is safe with you. You are visible to passing cars or other road users. LED lights work with batteries, so their installation is simple and takes a few moments. Turn the wheelchair so that the underside of the footrest is in front of you. Insert the three LR44 batteries supplied with your model. The button that turns on the LED lights is located on the top of the frame. The panel is either flashing or steady on. If necessary, when installing the battery, you can use the instructions on the bottom of the footrest.

Learn about our good manufacturing practices regarding safety

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3in1 system, what does it mean?

3in1 is a designation for a multifunctional stroller. To put it simply, it is a stroller frame structure to which you can attach a seat, a carrycot and a car seat (commonly a baby carrier). Most often, such a designation is also information about what is included in the price of the set. Depending on the situation and age of the child, you will use individual elements of the 3in1 set.

The X-Pulse stroller is a 3-in-1 type, so you can walk with the X-Pram Light carrycot from the first days of the child’s life up to 9 kg of the child’s weight, or when it starts to rise to the seat on its own. Depending on what happens first, we replace the gondola with a walking seat (without adapters), which still guarantees comfortable naps, because it folds down and has an adjustable footrest. The X-Pulse seat and backrest are wide and allow for comfortable naps in any position.

With the help of adapters, we can mount most of the car seats available on the market on the stroller frame. However, remember that you should not use the car seat instead of the carrycot during walks. When traveling by car, take frequent breaks and take your child out of the car.
What is 2in1? Applies to the same type of stroller, the number 2 refers to the set and means that it includes a frame, carrycot and seat, but does not have a car seat.

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