X-DOUBLECompact stroller from birth, for two


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Perfect dimensions

The different demands of two children don’t have to force you to compromise. To meet your expectations and the needs of your little ones, we have created the perfect stroller for twins and babies year after year. X-Double is the lightest and smallest double stroller – it weighs only 13,3 kg. Folds with one hand and when folded, it’s not much bigger than a single stroller!

Independent seats

How to take care of the needs of each child when traveling with a brother or sister in one pram? It’s quite a challenge. That is why we have equipped X-Double with two independent seats. Each of your children can travel as they feel comfortable. The lightweight, soft carrycot (sold separately) allows newborns to sleep comfortably flat.

Travel effortlessly

Driving a double stroller does not have to require a lot of force. To make going out with the kids as pleasant as possible, we took care of the proper balance of the center of gravity and swivel front wheels. You can maneuver the stroller effortlessly and focus all your attention on your little ones. (with the possibility of blocking this function).

*Fabrics may differ in weave.

The set includes: 2x seat, 2x barrier.

Download the manual and see how easy it is to use!



  • Surprisingly light

  • Small and agile

  • X-Double is the smallest of the double strollers. We wanted it to be extremely light and thus makes your everyday life with two little ones easier. This model can be easily folded into a small package that will easily fit in the trunk of a car
  • Narrow and very agile

  • Like a single cart

  • The small dimensions of the X-Double stroller allow you to move freely wherever you can with a single stroller. Due to their width, strollers for two often do not fit through standard doors. Meanwhile, the width of 73 cm makes the X-Double easily fit anywhere you go.
  • Shock absorption and comfort

  • This is what makes this stroller special

  • All four wheels of the X-Double are depreciated, so it allows you to walk over uneven surfaces. On the other hand, the center of gravity of the stroller is set so that it can be easily bumped up, for example, when driving up a curb.
  • One-hand folding

  • Even faster and more convenient

  • With two children, time and comfort are of the utmost importance every day. Therefore, folding the stroller should be simple and quick. Just like in X-Double! You push the button on the handle with one hand and the stroller folds into a small package.
  • Clear reflections

  • Double safety

  • Visible on the road, which means much safer in winter and during evening walks. To ensure this safety, the truck must be visible from a distance. We designed side reflectors on the wheels and front reflectors on both booths - the more the better.
  • Also for newborns

  • Solutions from birth

  • Newborns can ride the X-Double stroller. This is possible thanks to the flat backrest and special seat belts. In addition to the stroller, you can mount the X-Nest soft carrycot, which folds for transport.


    This is what makes this stroller special.


    Like a single cart.


    When driving over heavy sand or over branches or potholes, block the front wheels to prevent them from turning. It will make the walk much easier. You do this by moving the lever on the wheel with your hand.



X-Double – twice as much activity

Two children means twice as many first words, steps and smiles, but also twice as many duties and everyday obstacles. Even little ones with a small age difference have different needs. It will happen that one of the children will feel like a nap, while the other will want to explore the world by looking around while walking. In the X-Double twin stroller, thanks to independent seats, they can afford it. At the same time, you will keep an eye on them all the time, thanks to the viewing windows in both booths. You can adjust the footrests depending on the needs of each child so that they can rest their legs comfortably.

Taking care of two children requires eyes in the back of your head! We can’t give you that, but we give you something else – a well-thought-out stroller for two.

We have equipped it with an easy-to-use seat belt buckle. It allows you to fasten children in the seat belts easily and quickly. Dual parenting is also a double burden. And literally! Carrying two children is a big challenge for your spine. Mom’s back after twin pregnancy needs time to get back in shape, and lifting is often painful. Dad is not easy either! Therefore, the stroller weighs little. Why do you need extra luggage?

Weight has a double meaning here.

Dual parenting is also a double burden. And literally! Carrying two children is a big challenge for your spine. Mom’s back after twin pregnancy needs time to get back in shape, and lifting is often painful. Dad is not easy either! Therefore, the stroller weighs little. Why do you need extra luggage?

Dimensions after folding like a regular stroller!

By the way. Every trip with two children means twice as much luggage. Even a short walk, a short shopping spree forbids a layette for both toddlers. That’s quite a lot of packages. But does the arrival of twins mean you need to buy a new, bigger car? No. It is enough that your stroller will be smaller and small when folded. X-Double after folding and removing the wheels has dimensions of 56 × 73 × 30.5 cm, just like a single stroller! So you can easily fit it in the trunk.

So you’re packed, you’re on your way.

Twin stroller and smooth ride.

The larger dimensions of the stroller for two may cause problems in driving, but not the X-Double. We made sure that our stroller was easy to drive and easily bumped up. It weighs 13,3 kg – it is one of the lightest double stroller models on the market.

Do these wheels work?

Yes! They have already been tested by mums in several countries, on different types of roads.

The X-Double has been equipped with large wheels, which are 7 inches in the front and 9,5 inches in the back! In addition all 4 whees have been covered with a rubber coating with thread.

Thanks to the fact that they have ball bearings, they roll lighter and the stroller is surprisingly easy to steer. Swivel front wheels and a well-balanced center of gravity make the stroller smoothly rotate around its own axis. And that means nothing more than dynamic driving in shopping aisles, parking lots and other narrow places. In turn, the front wheel rotation lock ensures stable driving on uneven surfaces (such as cobblestones or sand).
X-Double has an automatic lock fastening the frame, which makes it convenient to lift and carry after folding.

Taking care of the safety of two little ones is the most important thing.

We know that with two children, it requires double focus and attention. That is why we have designed solutions for X-Double that will make it easier.

We have equipped the stroller with reflectors to improve visibility after dark. We placed them on the wheels and on the roof of the stroller. Thanks to them, you are clearly visible from all sides for oncoming cars. If you buy the X-Nest carrycot for the X-Double, it will also be visible thanks to the reflective tape in the hood.

The stroller also has a safety belt system required by the standard, led out from various points. Thanks to it, you can fasten both babies easily and quickly. These are 5-point seat belts, adapted to transporting newborns (only in the flat position)
Independent barriers and adjustable footrests ensure that each of your little ones is safe, even when you are taking care of the other child. The railings can also be removed, making it much easier to fasten the seat belts.

Learn about our good manufacturing practices regarding safety

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Two children, a stroller bag and shopping – you need a stroller up to 33 kg like the X-Double.

Our math is simple: when you put 2 children in 1 stroller with 2-in-1 functions, you multiply the time together, but also the kilograms. Babies grow and develop at an amazing pace. You won’t even notice when your kids start walking and discovering the world on their own feet. X-Double will accompany them for the first years of life. The stroller is designed to transport two children from birth and can be used until the end of the stroller period.

Folding backrests with an angle wider than 150 degrees make the stroller meet the standards of strollers for newborns, which must be transported in a position that is safe for development. Adjustment of the straps (special for newborns) ensures comfort adapted to the child’s height. The youngest of the children can be transported lying down (thanks to a specially designed belt system). On the other hand, an older child can travel in a sitting and semi-sitting position.

Independence in a double stroller? Yes!

X-Double gives you one more important solution, which is in pointless to look for in the manual. After all, it often happens that the older child is jealous of the younger one. But when the kids are traveling in a stroller designed for two, you can give them your attention at the same time. When your children spend time together and learn from each other from an early age, they develop a real bond. Although children travel in one stroller, they can feel like in two separate ones. What determines it? Independent adjustment of seats, separate barriers, footrests and booths. Thanks to X-Double, your children may have contradictory “cravings”.

Extras will make many trips easier for you

Two small children means the need to meet the needs of two different people. That is why we have prepared a series of additional accessories that will allow you to ensure the safety and comfort of your children. You can buy a mosquito net, useful during summer trips, a rain cover and a soft gondola with “ears”, in which you can easily carry a sleeping child. It has reflectors and a removable mattress for washing. You can easily fold it flat for transport. The X-Nest carrycot takes up very little space when folded, it is very light, but provides the newborn with a safe position and comfortable sleep.

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