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X-lander has a very convenient and friendly warranty service. If you are having problems with your stroller feel free to contact us. If the stroller needs checking or repairing you can send it to us and it will be examined by our service department. After making required repairs or adjustments, we will return it to the address provided as soon as possible (Consumer bears the cost of transport)











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Regulations concerning X-lander warranty

DELTIM sp. z o.o. sp.k. with its registered office in Częstochowa, Żyzna 58c Street (hereinafter referred to as the Manufacturer) grants the Buyer/Consumer a quality warranty for the products (hereinafter referred to as the Products) and terms in accordance with the following

a) strollers: X-lander X-Move, X-Pulse, X-Cite, X-Run, X-Go, X-Fly, X-Double, X-Follow – duration 24 months,
b) carrycots: X-Pram, X-Pram Light – duration 12 months,
c) car seats: X-Car, Britax Baby safe I-size seat by X-lander – duration 12 months,
d) accessories – duration 6 months.

All X-lander products, apart from accessories, are covered by the “door to door” service which lasts as long as the warranty.

Warranty protection begins on the day of purchase of the product by the Buyer/Consumer.

  1. The warranty is valid in Poland and in countries of the European Economic Area.
  2. The warranty is granted for products purchased on www.x-lander.com or at authorised dealers.
  3. The guarantee covers physical defects of the product – preventing its use in accordance with the intended purpose. The warranty covers only defects that have arisen due to reasons inherent in the product at the time of purchase by the Buyer /Consumer, or arising from manufacturing defects or hidden defects in the material of individual components.
  4. The exercise of rights under the guarantee by the Buyer/Consumer does not exclude, limit or suspend the Buyer’s/Consumer’s rights under the warranty for defects of the sold thing. However, in the event of exercising warranty rights by the Buyer / Consumer, the time limit for the exercise of warranty rights is suspended from the date of notification of defect to the seller. The period shall continue to run from the date of refusal by the guarantor to perform its obligations under the guarantee, or ineffective lapse of time to perform them.

What is not covered by the warranty?

  1. The warranty does not cover defects caused by:
  • mechanical, chemical, thermal or intentional,
  • operation not in conformity with the intended use of the Product or the instructions for use,
  • improper maintenance or improper storage,
  • improper installation or installation not in compliance with the instructions.
  1. The warranty does not cover in particular:
  • damage caused by arbitrary alterations. The warranty does not cover in particular: damage caused by arbitrary alterations.
  • wear and tear of the product’s elements resulting from normal use (e.g. looseness of riveted joints, fuzzing of the upholstery, wear and tear of the wheel axles, wear and tear of the tyres, abrasions and scratches on the metal profiles, wear and tear of the leather handle etc.)
  • mechanical damage (tears, abrasions, cracks, fractures, scratches on the paint surface, etc.) not resulting from material defects.
  • damage caused by adverse weather conditions and UV radiation (discoloration, staining, fading).
  • damages such as mould, rust, snow, etc. resulting from storing the unprotected product in unfavourable conditions (e.g. rooms with increased humidity).
  • damage resulting from chemical agents (solvents, road salt, etc.).
  • punctures of tyres and inner tubes
  • punctures in inner tubes and tyres

How to take care of a stroller

What is needed take to file a complaint?

  1. The Buyer is obliged to lodge a complaint in writing within 14 days of discovering the defect. The Buyer/Consumer reports a complaint at the place of purchase of the Product or directly to the Manufacturer’s service at the address indicated at the beginning, attaching to it:
  • the defective Product, which should be complete and cleaned of dirt,
  • proof of purchase of the Product
  • a description of the defect and the date and circumstances in which it arose and was revealed
  1. Important! The Buyer/Consumer submitting a complaint is obliged to provide comprehensive explanations as to the type of defect and the date and circumstances in which it arose. If during the investigation of a complaint, it is necessary to obtain additional information or photos related to the defect or the manner of the Product’s operation, the Buyer/Consumer is obliged to provide the Manufacturer with all the necessary data.
  2. Important! The Product delivered with the complaint must be thoroughly cleaned. In case of violation of this obligation, the Manufacturer may send back the Product to the address of the Purchaser/Consumer and at his/her expense, and the investigation of the complaint shall then be suspended until the cleaned Product is sent to the Manufacturer.

How is the complaint handled?

  1. The Manufacturer is obliged to investigate the complaint within 14 working days from the date of delivery of the Product to the Manufacturer’s service. However, the Manufacturer tries to make this time as short as possible. However, the Manufacturer reserves that if a reported complaint requires additional testing of the Product or arrangements with the Customer/Consumer, their duration will extend the period of complaint handling, of which the Manufacturer will immediately notify the Customer/Consumer.
  2. In dealing with the complaint, the Manufacturer will first be guided by the technical standards in force at the date of production of the Product. In the case of recognition of the complaint, the Manufacturer will inform the Customer/Consumer by email on how to resolve the complaint.
  3. In the case of a legitimate complaint, the Manufacturer under the warranty may at its option:
  • perform a free of charge warranty repair,
  • replace with defect-free all defective elements subject to the guarantee or the entire Product.
  • return to the Buyer / Consumer the amount paid if the repair or replacement is impossible or economically unjustified.
  1. The warranty period is extended by the time necessary to carry out the warranty repair or replacement of defective elements covered by the warranty with defect-free ones.
  2. In case of a valid complaint (for products covered by the “door to door” service), the Manufacturer is obliged to cover the cost of delivery of goods to its headquarters and the cost of returning the goods to the address of the Purchaser / User only through a courier company indicated by the Manufacturer. In the case of an unfounded complaint, the necessary costs incurred in connection with its recognition and transport shall be borne by the Customer/Consumer.
  3. The Manufacturer’s obligations under this warranty are limited to an amount not exceeding the price of the product itself.