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Stroller covers with one of the main elements of a children’s layette
When choosing a stroller cover, we can pay attention to several categories. On the one hand, it is definitely worth choosing a cover, a rain cover that will protect the child from precipitation and strong wind. Such a cover also protects the stroller from getting wet. On the other hand, it is also worth getting a stroller cover, which has a typically protective function, allows you to protect the stroller from damage. These types of covers are perfect for traveling or for convenient storage of the stroller at home. An interesting solution are also wheel covers that can protect the upholstery of the trunk in the car or the floor at home from getting dirty. It is therefore worth getting several types of stroller covers that will protect the baby and the stroller itself. In the following, we will present the individual covers in more detail.

Pushchair inserts
Hand muffs
A cover for a stroller that allows for convenient transport and storage
Here you can indicate the model of the X-Pack stroller cover, which is dedicated to the X-Fly stroller. The cover has sewn zippers on both sides, thanks to which it is very easy to put the stroller in it, protecting it from scratches or damage. In addition, it also allows you to move the stroller very easily, which is great when traveling. The cover for the X-Fly stroller can be easily rolled up, thanks to which it takes up very little space and can be conveniently stored when not in use. It is definitely worth choosing such a stroller cover, especially if you lead an active lifestyle and plan trips.

Protective covers for stroller wheels
Another type of covers for a pram are dedicated accessories that are designed to protect the wheels of the pram. Dedicated covers for the wheels of the stroller also protect the floor at home or the upholstery of the trunk of the car during the transport of the stroller. Wheel covers will be perfect when you do not have time to thoroughly clean the wheels of the stroller, or even it is impossible at the moment. This solution means that we can safely bring the stroller home or transport it in the trunk of the car, even after a walk in the rain or snow. X-Clean wheel covers for X-lander strollers are available in a version for 4-wheel stroller models, as well as a version for the 3-wheel X-Run model. Wheel covers for strollers also have a dedicated cloth for wiping the wheels in the set.

X-Bag lite
A rain cover for a stroller that will protect your baby from rain and snow
During walks with the child, we can come across various weather conditions, so it is worth taking a rain cover with you. The rain cover for the stroller is one of the most frequently purchased accessories for strollers.

So what should be the best stroller cover?
First of all, it must be tight, so as not to expose our toddler to precipitation, while protecting against the wind. In the case of the X-lander brand, it is important that the covers are perfectly tight and perfectly matched to the strollers, thanks to which they not only perfectly fulfill their role, but also form a compatible, harmonious whole with the stroller. Often, in the case of available universal models of covers, it happens that after mounting on the stroller, they “stand out” in different places. This often reduces their tightness, but also affects the deterioration of aesthetic values. It is also worth remembering that rain covers should also ensure adequate air circulation inside the stroller. A good rain cover for a pram should be transparent, thanks to which the toddler will be protected from precipitation and will be able to see the world freely. It is also an advantage for the parent, because they can look after the child during the walk. The most important feature of rain covers for a stroller is the type of material used for production. It is necessary that the film from which it is made does not contain harmful substances that soften the film, such as phthalates, because they are harmful to the child. Rain covers for a stroller should also be made in such a way that they can be easily put on and taken off the stroller if necessary. A very interesting and practical solution in covers is also the possibility of easy exit and entry of the child to the stroller, or its easy insertion or removal from the stroller by the parent. This solution is used, for example, with X-lander covers, through zippers sewn in the right places. In addition, in the case of X-Cover rain covers, we are sure that the right version for the appropriate stroller model will be 100% compatible with it and easy to install.
What, apart from the stroller cover, will work during walks?
A stroller cover is a must have layette for a child. It is also worth betting on other X-lander accessories that will prove themselves during walks with a baby:

– during the winter, it is worth giving your child warm and stylish sleeping bags for the stroller, e.g. X-Cozy, X-Cuddle or X-Warm, but also muffs to protect the parent’s hands from the cold

– summer walks are a great opportunity to use blankets made of natural materials. For example, the X-Boo model is available in the most fashionable, pastel shades, and the X-Swaddle is distinguished by beautiful, intense colors. We also recommend paying attention to the X-Wrap, i.e. a blanket-swaddle in which the toddler can hold his legs.

– dedicated bags for prams will also be perfect in all weather conditions. Designed for walks with a child, they will be an extremely practical and designer addition to the stroller

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