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Minimalism and function

The X-Follow stroller is a solution for parents who require technically good solutions in a nice edition. Therefore, when designing it, we paid a lot of attention to small elements. Thanks to this, we give you a beautifully made and functional stroller.

It was created to meet urban challenges

We made sure that X-Follow folds quickly and effortlessly. Folded, at home or in the trunk, it will not take up much space. The shopping basket has been designed so that it is conveniently accessible. We made the seat from a soft-to-the-touch fabric and secured all hard places to make traveling more pleasant for the baby. Large dimensions inside provide the child with space and comfortable sleep, and in combination with low weight (7,6 kg) make X-Follow a solution tailored to the needs of living in the city.

The booth is a real ideal

It is silent so it won’t wake your little one up when you want to cover them. Waterproof with waterproof zippers like in winter clothing. Enlarged by an additional panel. With the highest UV protection (UPF 50+). It has a magnetic viewing window, and you can choose from as many as 6 colors from pastel pink to intense yellow. What more could you want?

*Fabrics may differ in weave.

Download the manual and see how easy it is to use!



  • It is distinguished by its design

  • Designed and thought out to please the eye and make every day easier

  • During trips to the city or on the way to the playground, facilities and well-thought-out solutions that will save you time are useful. This year-round, agile stroller will give you that. At the same time, it is available in as many as 6 intense colors, and its minimalist design and attention to detail make you stand out from the crowd.
  • The best protection in a canopy

  • Waterproof fabrics and zippers, plus UPF 50+ maximum sun protection

  • This stroller is equipped with an enlarged, waterproof canopy that allows the child to travel pleasantly, even when it starts to rain. The zippers in the canopy are also waterproof - just like in winter clothing. The fabric of the canopy is the highest solar filter, i.e. UPF 50+.
  • Suspension

  • All four wheels have shock absorbing springs. Driving on grass, sand and even snow is no problem.

  • Thanks to the fact that the stroller has shock absorption on all wheels, both the front and rear wheels deflect on uneven surfaces. It reduces vibrations that will not be transferred to your child, turning a walk into a safe and calm ride.
  • One-hand folding

  • You push the button on the handle and the stroller folds into a small package.

  • The folding system has been designed so that the parent can easily and quickly fold the stroller with one hand. Just press two buttons and the stroller folds itself.
  • Reflectors on all sides

  • It's safety after dark and at night

  • Safety during the course is the basis. Also during walks in the city. We would like X-Follow to be visible from every side and in every place. That is why we placed a large reflector on the entire width of the booth. Reflectors are also on the basket and wheels of the trolley.
  • Front wheel lock

  • This is a very important function in more difficult terrain, when the side-turning wheels make it impossible to drive straight ahead.

  • The front wheels should follow our driving path, because it makes it easier to maneuver and drive with one hand. However, sometimes it is necessary to lock only for driving straight - when the terrain is very stony or on sand. Otherwise, the wheels turn by themselves and interfere with driving.


    It’s safety after dark and at night.


    All four wheels have shock absorbing springs.



    These are the springs in the wheel mounts. It limits vibrations that will not be transferred to your baby.


    A necessity in more difficult terrain, when the side-turning wheels make it impossible to drive straight ahead.



Designed to enjoy and make life easier.

X-Follow is a year-round, agile, stroller, available in 6 strong colors. Its fashionable design and attention to detail make it stand out. We have equipped it with a large, waterproof hood that allows the child to travel pleasantly in any weather. The zippers in the hood are also waterproof – just like in a winter jacket. You can buy a mosquito net and a rain cover for the stroller.
Urban and foreign trips require the stroller to be light and cleverly folded. That’s what X-Follow is all about. The folding system has been designed so that anyone can fold the stroller quickly and easily with one hand. It is enough to move the button on the handle and the stroller folds practically by itself. At the same time, the construction of the stroller is protected against accidental folding.
The way the stroller is made determines the safety of the child. Therefore, there is no room for compromise here. When creating X-Follow, we used high-quality aluminum, certified fabrics safe for children, phthalate-free rubbers and hems for handles and railings. We also used belts suitable for newborns and spring cushioning.

Quick folding and other useful features in urban traffic

In the city, simple but smart solutions are especially valuable. Therefore, the folding system in X-Follow had to be unique. We have designed a mechanism based on hidden tensioning cords that facilitate folding and unfolding of the stroller frame. Thanks to this, it happens effortlessly, with one hand and without bending down. Despite such a simple system, there is no way to accidentally fold the stroller. It is secured with the so-called “second lock”. Folded in this way, X-Follow forms a flat package and takes up very little space. In order to carry it comfortably, a clasp is automatically closed, which immobilizes the frame and does not allow it to unfold when moving or removing it from the trunk.

The stroller weighs only 7,6 kg, and when folded, it easily fits into the trunk of even a small car or behind the driver’s seat. Small dimensions after folding (59 × 31 × 52 cm) also make it easier to store the stroller at home.

express your style with color

X-Follow is a carefully thought-out, modern design. The minimalist and elegant stroller is available in as many as 6 fashionable colors: Sunset Pink, Stellar Sky, Solar Yellow, Helio Green,  Galaxy Beige and Cosmic Blue. Everyone will find something in their own style here. For the brave, we have heavenly Cosmic Blue, while those who appreciate unisex solutions can choose classic beige in Galaxy Beige or universal khaki, i.e. Helio Green. The trolley has a straight line, highlighted by silver profile detail and matching synthetic leather trims. This solution is a response to the needs of parents who value functionality as well as stylish and decisive solutions.

Who do we recommend for?

X-Follow is a stroller for parents who are looking for a light and solidly made stroller for the city, where the baby will sleep comfortably. Very light (7,6 kg) and agile, it will also be great for further journeys. You can fold it quickly and easily with one hand thanks to a special system. After folding, it has a compact size, so you can easily fit it into the trunk of your car. It will perfectly cover the aisles in the store, guiding it easily with one hand during quick shopping. The latter will be helped by a capacious (45 × 36 × 15 cm) basket, to which you have easy access. Cushioning and EVA wheels make the journey pleasant and the tires do not make noise. The soundless booth makes the baby sleep comfortably. We covered the footrest with a different fabric than the seat, which protects against dirt and is easy to clean. The tape backrest adjustment system allows you to set any position for the child.

Unique seat belts

The X-Follow’s seat belts allow you to safely transport your newborn. This is due to the additional row of adjustment, which is low enough to safely transport the smallest children. To adjust the straps, simply pull the end of the strap slightly and tighten. The belts come with a set of protectors for the shoulders and chest of the child. We also equipped them with a rubber band that stabilizes the shoulder pad in one place so that it does not move. This helps protect your baby’s skin from chafing.

Everyday safety

Other elements that ensure the safety of your toddler and you are reflectors that are placed along the entire length of the canopy. Thanks to this, the stroller is easy to spot from a distance. Additional reflectors are also found on the basket and wheels. This makes the stroller visible from all sides. All fabrics used to create X-Follow are safe for children, do not contain substances harmful to children and have tests confirmed by certificates. We have subjected our stroller to many strength and stability tests. Positive test results confirm compliance with the EN 1888-1:2018 standard. In addition, the elements used to build the trolley have been tested for compliance with EN 71-3 (chemical hazards) as well as 71-2 (flammability hazards).

Learn about our good manufacturing practices regarding safety

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