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Stroller accessories – practical accessories that are worth choosing for a stroller
Completing a layette for a baby is also based on the selection of accessories for the stroller, i.e. practical and designer gadgets that will certainly be used often. It is worth paying attention to the accessories for X-lander strollers, which are not only useful, but are also distinguished by very high quality and extraordinary attention to detail and aesthetics.

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Stroller accessories that are good to take on a winter walk.
Low temperatures prevailing in winter force parents to use accessories for the stroller that will protect the baby from the cold. We are talking mainly about sleeping bags, which have a waterproof material on the outside and a lining that is pleasant to the touch inside. Our X-Cuddle and X-Cosy Art models will not only keep your child warm, but also stand out with their original style. It is worth paying attention to our new product, i.e. the X-Warm sleeping bag, which is characterized by unusual lightness and sporty style, like in the case of winter jackets. It can also be easily packed in a small package, which is an important advantage.
Accessories for prams useful during every walk
One of the most important accessories for the stroller are bags in which you can pack the most necessary things for a walk with your baby. Spare nappies, a bottle of milk or spare clothes all easily fit X-Bag bags and a stylish X-Venture backpack, which is a universal accessory, adapted to each X-lander stroller model.

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<a href="https://x-lander.com/en/pc/accessories/sleeping-bags

Gadgets for a baby stroller that will surely appeal to the little ones
Here you can point, for example, to the X-Board stroller, which is dedicated to the second, older child. Thanks to the extra bed, the older child can travel in the same pram as the younger child, only standing up – for the time when he gets tired of walking. This form is a lot of fun for children, and at the same time gives the opportunity to rest during a walk, without the need to drive two prams. A very useful accessory, the function of which allows for uninterrupted activity, are rain covers. Covers allow you to continue your walk despite the bad weather. Children during a walk in the rain are fully protected and safe, and at the same time I can observe the surrounding world without restrictions and enjoy the extraordinary adventure that is a walk in the rain or snow.

Stroller accessories useful for both the baby and the parents.
One of the useful accessories for prams that is worth using during a walk with your baby is a cup holder. In it you can store a bottle with a drink for a child, but also a cup with coffee or a water bottle for a parent. X-Mug is a gadget for a baby stroller that easily attaches to the handle of the stroller.
Stroller accessories to increase visibility after dusk.
Among the stroller accessories, gadgets that increase the level of safety during evening walks should be mentioned. These are primarily all kinds of reflectors that can be easily placed on the handle, frame or booth of the stroller. It is worth paying attention to the accessories for the X-lander stroller, which contain reflective accents. One of such products is the X-Wrap footmuff, which contains the brand’s reflective logo. Also, the strollers themselves are equipped with numerous reflectors (for example, the X-Fly, X-Follow or X-Double models) and dedicated LEDs that shine with strong light (X-Move, X-Pulse, X-Cite), which significantly increases truck visibility.

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