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Stroller adapters – purpose, types and operation
Adapters for prams play the role of specific connectors through which individual elements of 3in1 or 2in1 prams are attached to the frame. Depending on the needs, in this case, you can individually attach to the stroller frame, e.g. a gondola, a walking seat or a carrier. It is worth remembering that adapters are selected for a specific <a href="https://x-lander.com/en/pc/accessories/adapters model. In the case of the X-lander brand, choosing the right adapter is very simple, namely each has a list of stroller models for which it is suitable. All you need to do is choose the adapter that includes our stroller model on the list, and the whole thing will be fully compatible. Adapters are most often used in the case of multifunctional prams, where the seat is not designed to be directly attached to the frame. This is most often due to the fact that the replaceable elements of the trolley sets mounted on the frame differ significantly in their design and purpose. Therefore, it is often not even possible to properly install the various components directly on the same bogie frame. In this case, adapters are used, which allow you to quickly and easily connect various parts of the sets to the frame.The X-lander brand offer includes the following types of adapters:

– <a href="https://x-lander.com/en/p/britax-car-seat-adapters,suitable for X-Go and X-Fly strollers,

– <a href="https://x-lander.com/en/p/adapters-for-x-car,

universal adapters for the MaxiCosi car seat, depending on the stroller frame for the model: X-Cite, X-Run, X-Move or X-Pulse,
– <a href="https://x-lander.com/en/p/adapters-for-carrycots X-lander.

Car seat adapter – a way to use the car seat outside the car
Car seat adapters apply to those recommended for children from group 0+, in the age range 0-15 months, i.e. according to the I-SIZE standard, marked with the R-129 symbol. Therefore, adapters are used only when connecting the stroller frame with car seats from the “0” group, which are dedicated to the youngest children. This type of car seat is used to transport babies in the car, but additionally, after being attached to the stroller frame, they can also be suitable for transporting children in this way. Attaching the car seat to the stroller frame using adapters is very simple and convenient for the parent. For health reasons, however, it is recommended to use gondolas that are comfortable for children during walks. Strollers can also be used interchangeably, if they are adapted to transport children from the first day of life – such as the X-Cite stroller model with the X-Rest shallowing insert. Transporting children in a car seat attached to the stroller frame is allowed only occasionally and for very short distances.

Child safety above all else – it is worth choosing original adapters for the X-lander stroller
When choosing the right adapters for the stroller, it is definitely worth betting on original accessories from reputable manufacturers. Good quality adapters, made of durable materials that have the required approvals, are primarily a guarantee of safety for the child. Proper adapters also mean full compatibility of individual elements of the stroller set and ease of use. In the case of X-lander adapters, the assembly is very simple and intuitive – they are plugged into the frame by sliding them in and automatically releasing the lock. Disconnecting the adapters from the stroller frame is most often done by pulling up the appropriate lever or pressing a button. In the case of X-lander brand adapters, we gain certainty both in terms of the highest safety standards, compatibility with X-lander products, extraordinary ease of use, and very high quality.

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