X-FLYCompact stroller from birth to 22 kg

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Ultralight, only 6.9 kg

A compact and specialized stroller that amazes with its functionality. The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry when folded. After unfolding, this lightweight stroller is a spacious, comfortable and extremely manoeuvrable stroller. It feels like it’s driving itself thanks to the high-quality wheels with ball bearings and soft front and rear suspension.

From birth to 22 kg

It was subjected to twice as much stress in endurance tests and performed excellently. It is a stroller from 0 to 22 kg of the child’s weight, so it must be extremely stable, also with the weight of the unfolded backrest, when the child is lying down or sleeping. The special, low-slung X-Fly design is safe and stable, yet very light and compact.

Easy to fold into a small package

Two hand movements are enough to fold the X-Fly into a small and handy package, ideal for e.g. traveling by plane. Using the strap included in the set, you can throw it over your shoulder like a bag and free your hands. X-Fly makes it easy to travel with your baby.

*Fabrics may differ in weave.

Included: X-Fly, barrier, mosquito net, shoulder strap.

Download the manual and see how easy it is to use!



  • Ultralight and ultra-maneuverable

  • Weighing only 6.9 kg

  • This lightweight stroller is an extremely agile stroller. You feel like it's driving itself, thanks to the high-quality wheels with ball bearings. Its design has been designed for comfortable one-handed operation.
  • Exceptional cushioning and durability

  • Unusual in such compact strollers.

  • You will be surprised that such a small stroller can do so much. It is well cushioned and weighs up to 22 kg. The inconspicuous-looking structure hides many surprises.
  • Durability up to 22 kg of child's weight

  • High backrest 47 cm.

  • X-Fly has undergone several times more demanding endurance tests than required by the standard for pushchairs. Certified from birth up to 22 kg. Its interior is large and spacious.
  • Folded out for sleeping

  • Soft and covered seat and sides of the stroller.

  • It is a very stable construction that allows for comfortable and safe sleep. The sides, when unfolded to lie down, form a tent, protecting from the wind and sun.
  • Shoulder strap included

  • For convenient carrying of the folded stroller

  • A small and compact stroller is perfect for travel, on vacation, on the plane. It is constantly folded and repacked as part of your luggage. That's why the carrying system is so important. You can put X-Fly on your shoulder like a bag.
  • Fabrics with protection

  • Blocks 98% of UV rays

  • The fabric used in the canopy has the highest degree of sun protection, i.e. UPF 50+. Thanks to such protection, harmful, strong radiation is stopped in 98%. A very large canopy covers the child almost completely.



    Weighing only 6.9 kg.


    Unusual in such compact and light strollers.


    A necessity in more difficult terrain, when the side-turning wheels make it impossible to drive straight ahead.





    A necessity in more difficult terrain, when the side-turning wheels make it impossible to drive straight ahead.



    Roomy and easy to clean.



Try it and you’ll fall in love!

This is no ordinary stroller. It is a stroller up to 22 kg with the stability and weight of a bolide, while having all the key features of a good stroller. X-Fly is surprising in every way. This stroller is love at first ride for most people.
In addition, it folds into a tiny package and can be carried over the shoulder like a bag. It’s lightweight and compact, but that doesn’t mean less comfort for your baby! Contrary. A toddler sleeping in the X-Fly has a very long backrest at its disposal, which folds down to lie down and is thoroughly covered. It has an adjustable footrest that creates even more space for comfortable leg positioning.

So small yet has so many adventages.

That’s it. X-Fly is suitable for travel, but it will work wherever you take it, because it is adapted to various weather conditions. The canopy is made of UPF 50+ fabric and will protect your baby from the sun. It is also very large after unfastening the additional panel and protects the child from the wind. At hand you have a pocket mosquito net hidden in the footrest, which is very useful during summer naps outside. The interior of the X-Fly stroller is wide and easily fits a sleeping bag or a toddler in winter clothes.

Learn about our good manufacturing practices regarding safety

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Stable and durable stroller tested up to 22 kg.

The lightweight X-Fly stroller will easily introduce the child to the world of small – great trips. We are sure that in time he will overcome them all on his own feet. Meanwhile, a stroller up to 22 kg is a great option for a second stroller for babies who have just started walking and need to rest during long walks. A comfortable, spacious seat is ideal for this.

What’s more, the lightweight X-Fly stroller up to 22 kg maintains high stability also with a higher load, even up to 22 kg. Therefore, slightly older children are also provided with safety and driving comfort. The baby can be placed in any comfortable position, and you don’t have to worry about overloading and falling backwards.

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