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The X-Run stroller is certified and tested in accordance with the most demanding standards that should be met by running strollers. Created with your child’s comfort in mind during active walks, running and roller skating.

How to start the adventure with running after giving birth?

“First buy a running stroller! Absolutely! For the safety of the child and the comfort of the mother – the stroller must be definitely running. It’s like with shoes – we don’t run in sneakers”
Active mom, blog “Biekiem_do_kuchni”

Safe jogging stroller

It has inclined rear wheels that enhance stability and ride on curves and unevenness. Handbrake and a seat suspended on straps that cradles the child and provides additional cushioning. For even greater safety, the X-Run has a bell and a wrist strap.

Not only JOGGER

X-Run is also a type of 3-in-1 stroller with the possibility of mounting a carrycot and a carrier.

*Fabrics may differ in weave.

Included: X-Run, barrier, mosquito net and footmuff.

Download the manual and see how easy it is to use!



  • More than a hogger

  • Also a 3-in-1 stroller

  • It is a combination of a running stroller and a multifunctional stroller. For starters, during walks with a newborn, you can easily mount the carrycot and the carrier. Large wheels and lightweight construction allow for trips to any terrain.
  • Better stability

  • Circles bent inwards

  • This stroller has inclined wheels that guarantee better driving stability. Thanks to such a large diameter of the wheels, it is much easier to overcome obstacles such as branches or stones.
  • Bell

  • Conveniently at hand.

  • Mounted on the handle of the stroller, it increases safety during training. Especially when running or training on paths frequented by others.
  • Hand brake

  • Requirement for runners

  • This is a guarantee of the toddler's safety during active parental training. Both on crowded running paths and when going downhill. The brake on the handle is mandatory for the stroller to meet the standards of the running stroller standard.
  • Light and easy to "conquer"

  • Aluminum, well-balanced construction

  • The construction of our X-Run running trolley is made of aluminum, so it is durable and lightweight. the center of gravity of the stroller is set in such a way that it can be easily bumped up, for example, when climbing a curb.
  • Seat like a hammock

  • Suspended on straps, it swings and cushions

  • This type of seat is suspended on special straps. Thanks to this, your toddler will not feel any discomfort while running on uneven surfaces. He will be nicely rocked and will love walking in this stroller. The seat folds together with the structure and unfolds for sleeping.


    Circles bent inwards.


    Requirement for runners.

    Just one hand movement and you’re done!


    They soften the sensation of shocks and easily overcome obstacles.



Not every tricycle is a real jogging stroller.

Such a stroller must meet specific requirements and pass many tests to obtain a running stroller certificate. Often a running stroller is defined as the one with three wheels or a bell at the handle. However, this is not enough to talk about compliance with the requirements.

Standard and requirements

X-Run is designed in accordance with the EK2-AK2.3 14-02:2015 standard. It imposes specific guidelines that the manufacturer must meet in order to call its product a jogging stroller. A safe jogging stroller is one that meets the requirements of the standard. These include: the right angle of inclination of the backrest, a hand brake and a safety belt connecting the runner with the stroller.

X-Run is a true jogger

Our X-Run stroller not only meets all the requirements of the running standard, but also has several features that put it high among joggers. It is characterized by inwardly inclined, very large rear wheels that provide more stable driving of the stroller. Hitting a bump at high speed is safe and will not cause any loss of stability. The immobilized front wheel will not turn suddenly when driving into sand or a hole. X-Run has a bell located on the handle of the stroller, which is especially useful when running or walking along pedestrian paths.


Learn about our good manufacturing practices regarding safety

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Driving and driving comfort

The key during training is smooth rolling of the wheelchair. This is ensured by large, pumped wheels. But not only! The high-quality bearings have an impact on the ease of rolling, they are responsible for the easy rotation of the wheels on the axles. The child’s comfort is guaranteed by a spacious seat suspended “hammock”. This means that it is loosely suspended on the frame structure with straps, thanks to which it additionally cushions and swings. Such a backrest increases passenger comfort during parent training.

Why a brake?

Of course, a handbrake is necessary in a running stroller. Especially when skating, the stroller is able to stop in a very short distance. It is also very useful when going downhill.

3in1 jogging stroller

Can a jogging stroller be a multifunctional stroller at the same time? Of course it can! You can attach the X-lander carrycot and car seat to the X-Run frame. We recommend training with a baby in a stroller from the age of 6 months, but X-Run will be great for walking and as a stroller for everyday use.

Extras useful for active parents

For this model you will find dedicated accessories, such as a small X-Bag Lite bag, which holds the most important things for training. It has been designed so that it does not interfere during training. The offer includes a sun visor that completely protects the child from the sun or wind, creating a cozy place inside the seat.

3-in-1 system, what does it mean?

3in1 is a designation for a multifunctional stroller. To put it simply, it is a stroller frame structure to which you can attach a seat, a carrycot and a car seat (commonly a baby carrier). Most often, such a designation is also information about what is included in the price of the set. Depending on the situation and age of the child, you will use individual elements of the 3in1 set.

The X-Run stroller is a 3-in-1 type of stroller, so you can walk with the X-Pram Light carrycot from the first days of the child’s life up to 9 kg of the child’s weight, or when it starts to rise to the seat on its own. Depending on what happens first, we replace the gondola with a walking seat (without adapters), which still guarantees comfortable naps, because it reclines to lie down and has an adjustable footrest. The X-Run seat is long and folds down to lie down.

With the help of adapters, we can mount most of the car seats available on the market on the stroller frame. However, it should be remembered that the car seat should not be used instead of a carrycot – for longer walks. The construction of the seats is designed to protect against injury, so the space inside is minimized for safety. These gondolas are made for comfortable sleep and relaxation. When traveling in the car, take frequent breaks and take your child out to stretch and rest.

What is 2in1? Applies to the same type of stroller, the number 2 refers to the set and means that it includes a frame, carrycot and seat, but does not have a car seat.

Do not give up! Return to physical activity with the 3in1 stroller.

X-Run was created to enable parents to combine their own needs with the needs of a new family member. Thanks to the solution of jogging strollers, you can still develop your activity, providing yourself with a decent dose of movement and taking care of your relationship with your child. You can actively relax together and collect memories. With this jogging stroller you will realize your plans to return to physical activity safely and comfortably.

Not only for professionals.

This does not mean that the X-Run jogging stroller is only for athletes! The maneuverability and lightness of driving, which characterizes this stroller, makes it comfortable for any type of walk or march. We know very well that they can be a challenge no less than roller skating.

The X-Run canopy is enlarged and ventilated, and the fabric it is made of stops 98% of UV radiation. In addition, we have equipped our jogging stroller with a capacious shopping basket, perfect for longer trips when you need an extra blanket or clothes. When your baby falls asleep in the stroller and you need to make it more comfortable, you can do it with the adjustable footrest. The set includes a cover for the legs, which you can put on while running to protect your child from the wind.


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