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Spare parts for strollers and additional accessories by X-lander
Spare parts is a catalog of accessories and components that are dedicated to X-lander stroller models. By choosing from them, you can be sure that you get original, proven and fully compatible products. Individual components of the stroller wear out at different times, depending on the type of use, intensity, and compliance with the intended use of a given model. When using the stroller, it is worth bearing in mind the recommendations regarding the permissible weight of the child for a given model, which also affect its wear. For the convenience of our customers, we offer the possibility of quick and easy purchase of the necessary parts in our online store. In the “spare parts” tab you will find components and additional accessories with a detailed description and information on which model/models they fit. We also offer the possibility of returning the stroller directly to the service. It will then be checked there for repair/replacement of parts covered by the service regulations.

X-Bag lite
It is worth choosing only original components and spare parts
Original spare parts for strollers are primarily a guarantee of safety and full driving comfort for children, which is a key element. In addition, the use of only original X-lander spare parts is a guarantee of 100% compatibility with the stroller and the highest quality of their materials. This also translates directly into the condition and service life of individual components, but also of the entire truck.

What replacement parts and accessories does the X-lander offer?
X-lander has prepared a wide catalog of spare parts along with additional accessories for a given model of stroller. Among the parts that can be found in the X-lander store are, among others:

Front wheels for the stroller (for models: X-Move, X-Pulse, X-Run, X-Cite)
Rear wheels for the stroller (for models: X-Move, X-Pulse, X-Run, X-Cite)
Tires (smooth or treaded, respectively in sizes: 10, 12, 16 inches)
Inner tubes (size: 10, 12, 16 inches).

In addition to spare parts, X-lander also offers other elements, e.g.:

Rain covers for the gondola, protecting the child from rain, snow and gusty wind. The foil precisely protects the entire stroller from getting wet;
Mosquito nets against insects – they fit every model thanks to universal snaps, perfectly adhere to the stroller, protecting the child from insects;
Protective barriers for prams – original, matching all models, with the brand logo, made of extremely aesthetically pleasing high-quality black eco leather, attached directly to the seat of the pram.

If you have any doubts or additional questions regarding the selection of the right part, please contact our advisors who will help you choose the right assortment.

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