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Soft, very functional carrycot for the X-Double stroller. We wanted not to burden the parents of two children with carrying extra kilos. Therefore, the X-Nest weighs only 1.75 kg. It easily attaches to the stroller frame, protecting the child with a large booth. The soft X-Nest carrycot provides comfort and safety to your baby, creating a warm nest during a walk.

X-Double soft carrycot
The X-Nest carrycot is designed for babies who use the X-Double stroller. Thanks to the gondola, you can easily carry a child who has fallen asleep during a walk. Thanks to X-Nest, you will additionally protect your baby from cold or wind in the cozy interior of the carrycot. The mattress, removable for washing, will keep your child’s environment hygienic. A large canopy with a visible reflector protects against weather conditions and ensures the visibility of the stroller, even from a long distance. In order not to add unnecessary kilograms to carry, the gondola is made of stiffened, lightweight fabric, which makes the whole thing weigh 1.75 kg. The use of a soft frame also allows the gondola to be folded flat for transport, which takes up very little space in the trunk. In the photos below, the little model is 68 cm long / 4 months old.



  • Very light

  • Very light carrycot – no unnecessary kilograms to carry. Light frame allows you to attach two carrycots next to each other using up the entire width of the stroller’s frame. Thanks to its light weight, even stroller with two carrycots is easy to handle.
  • Foam mattress

  • Foam mattress - easy to disassemble and wash. It allows you to keep the interior of the gondola clean. Remember to dry the mattress very well after washing before putting it back in the carrycot.
  • Soft carrying handles

  • Soft carrying handles – the child fell asleep during walk? No problem, thanks to the long and soft handles, carrying the baby is not a problem. You can get the baby out and carry them sleeping fear of waking them up.
  • Large Hood

  • Large hood – smaller carrycot does not mean smaller hood! It works perfectly as a protection against rain, cold wind or glaring sun
  • Visible reflective elements

  • Visible reflective elements – the reflective element put along the entire length of the hood makes the stroller paired with carrycot visible from a long distance.


Outer size
Lenght: 78 cm
Width: 31 cm
Weight: 1,75 kg

Inner size
Lenght: 75 cm
Height: 19 cm
Width: 27 cm