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Stroller footmuffs – warm, safe and extremely useful accessories
Stroller footmuffs are an irreplaceable element of a children’s layette. When looking for the perfect model, it is worth getting several versions. Depending on the season, you can distinguish stroller bags for winter or autumn, and those dedicated to spring. Stroller footmuffs differ primarily in the material from which they are made. In the case of the X-lander brand, sleeping bags can also be selected according to the dimensions of the child. Footmuffs are designed to pleasantly wrap the baby, create safe and pleasant conditions. At the same time, their role is to protect the child from wind, cold or precipitation. Sleeping bags also help regulate the right temperature.

How are stroller footmuffs made?
Stroller footmuffs look like traditional sleeping bags, only in a smaller version for children. In the case of X-lander sleeping bags, it is worth mentioning that they have zippers sewn on both sides of the sleeping bag. A very interesting solution are also magnets placed in the lapels of the sleeping bag. They allow you to turn the upper part of the sleeping bag over and wrap it around the protective barrier in the stroller. Thanks to this, the sleeping bag is secured against slipping. The unquestionable advantage of stroller sleeping bags is the fact that even a very mobile child will not dig out during walks, which is often the case with a blanket or quilt.

The original, multi-layer technology of the sleeping bags guarantees the highest quality.
X-lander footmuffs are made of layers. Depending on the model – the outer layer of the sleeping bag is made of impregnated fabric that protects against rain, snow or wind. For example, inside the sleeping bag for the X-Cosy stroller, a layer of insulation made of the highest quality materials and anti-allergic filling was used. In addition, there is also a layer in the form of a waterproof membrane and pleasant to the touch fabric that directly wraps the baby from the inside. Depending on the model of the stroller footmuff, a velvet type fabric was used for this purpose (the X-Cuddle Velvet sleeping bag model) or a soft and timeless minky fleece (the X-Cuddle sleeping bag model). For example, the total thickness of the filling in the X-Cuddle Velvet and Art models is up to 520g/m2. The fabrics of the sleeping bag are certified and have the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certificate, which is a guarantee of quality and safety for the baby.
Children’s sleeping bags for the X-lander stroller are even more benefits
A stroller footmuff is also very helpful when carrying a child, especially a sleeping one. All X-lander footmuffs are also equipped with hidden zippers that open very wide. This is an extremely practical solution, as it allows for quick and easy access to the child, and convenient insertion or removal of the baby from the sleeping bag. They also help regulate temperature. X-lander offers sleeping bags that are characterized not only by clever functionalities, but also by modern design and design that will charm everyone. X-lander sleeping bags are also easy to clean. The lower, inner part of the sleeping bag is lined with impregnated material to protect it from wet and dirty baby shoes. In addition, all elements can be washed in a washing machine at home without any worries.

Universal footmuff suitable for various stroller models
X-lander offers sleeping bags for all types of prams that are on offer. They are therefore suitable for gondolas as well as pushchairs or stroller seats in the case of 3in1 or 2in1 models. In addition, the sleeping bags have a universal construction, also adapted to 5-point safety belts. Thanks to such solutions, sleeping bags can be used for a much longer time. The X-lander brand has also prepared a sleeping bag model that “grows” with the child. This is the so-called extended stroller footmuff called X-Cuddle Velvet. Its modular design allows you to adjust the size of the sleeping bag from “S” to “L” thanks to zippers. Therefore, it can be suitable for both a newborn in a carrycot and an older child in a stroller.

A sleeping bag for a stroller is a perfect idea for a gift
Stroller footmuffs offered by the X-lander brand have a very fashionable design and colors. Among other things, for universal and timeless gray with small accents of fashionable floral motifs. There are also modern sleeping bags in black and white and contrasting graphic patterns in deep navy blue and fuchsia. Or sleeping bags for a stroller with fur. To sum up – sleeping bags for the stroller are a must-have for parents, comfort for the child and an excellent gift idea, e.g. for the birth of a child or Baby Shower. They can be additionally completed with a practical pram muff, which together create an elegant and color-coherent set.

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