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About the brand

New adventure ahead

The X-lander brand was created for parents who want to spend time actively with their children and derive great joy from it. We understand that you go on the best walks in your life every day, and we boldly keep pace with you!

Stages of the design and production process

X-lander has an innovative design and appearance, but the features that make it stand out are solutions that improve the safety of the child.

To ensure the highest quality, our company has implemented special procedures with expert supervision of the design and production process:

Know each stage carefully

  • Good practice standards
  • Consultation with experts
  • Internal tests
  • Independent tests
  • Production line control

Compliance Manager (Manager ensures compliance with standards), who is responsible for defining safety requirements and appropriate standards for the product, at every stage of design and production.

EN 1888 norm

X-lander strollers comply with the European safety standard EN 1888, which specifies uniform technical safety requirements and the procedure for inspecting strollers throughout Europe. Each certified product receives a mark confirming its tested properties.