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Stroller inserts protect its upholstery against dirt.
Stroller inserts perform several functions. One of them is to protect the upholstery of the stroller from getting dirty. It is definitely easier to wash and clean the insert than to disassemble and work the upholstery of the stroller. All the more knowing that the risk of getting the stroller dirty during walks is almost certain. Washing the entire upholstery can be an additional nuisance, as it will most often make it impossible to use the stroller for the duration of the care.
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Stroller inserts to increase the level of comfort.
Stroller inserts not only look good and effectively protect the upholstery of the stroller, but also often increase the convenience and comfort of traveling for the child.
What summer stroller insert will be the best?
Noteworthy are also dedicated inserts for summer strollers, made of natural materials, allowing the baby’s skin to breathe. Among others, bamboo stroller inserts or those made of high-quality cotton are recommended. It is worth paying attention to whether they have the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate, which refers to the safety of fabrics in products intended for children. The inserts for the X-lander stroller are characterized by this certificate.
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How to keep the stroller insert clean?
Most pram liners can be cleaned with a damp cloth. In the case of heavy soiling, a mild detergent can be used. As a rule, a very important feature of the inserts is the possibility of washing them in the washing machine. Inserts often have a protective function against the stroller, protecting against dirt. That is why the possibility of washing them in the washing machine is a key advantage. However, it is always worth making sure in what conditions the manufacturer recommends cleaning the insert. It is best to use a delicate wash program at 30°C with 600 or 800 spins.

X-lander stroller inserts are recommended for toddlers.
Our stroller inserts are made of the best quality materials, which is why they are so often chosen by parents. One of such products is a bamboo stroller insert with anti-fungal and anti-allergic properties. In the lower part, where the child’s shoes are located, it has a sewn-in eco-leather material, which greatly facilitates cleaning from dirt. Its universal shape makes it suitable for all models of X-lander strollers, and for most strollers available on the market. It also has 3-stage openings, thanks to which you can perfectly pass the belts, regardless of the child’s height. The insert is also equipped with special fastening straps that allow it to be kept firmly in place, preventing it from slipping.
The insert for the stroller is also made of natural materials.
Velvet – thick cotton fibers facilitate the removal of sweat from the baby’s skin, while creating a touch-friendly surface for the baby. It is equipped with additional fastening straps that allow you to keep the insert in the right place. Like the above model, it is suitable for all X-lander strollers, and most available on the market.

We also recommend using the X-Pad stroller insert, made of cotton in many colors, which will work in any X-lander stroller model. The insert is also made of 3D material, which ensures proper air circulation. This function works well especially in the summer, because it makes the child sweat less. The insert also significantly reduces vibrations from the stroller while driving, which increases the baby’s travel comfort. The insert can be washed in the washing machine, which makes it easy to keep it clean.

It is also worth pointing out the dedicated insert for the stroller, the X-Rest model. The function of this insert is to adapt the X-Cite bucket seat to the needs of transporting children from the first day of life. Thanks to this solution, it is not necessary to have a carrycot, because the insert creates a flat surface that is fully adapted to the needs of newborns. The shallowing insert will work not only for newborns, but also for slightly older children who are not yet able to sit on their own.

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