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What should be the characteristics of safe blankets for children?
Choosing the right blanket for a baby is extremely important because it allows you to cover your baby’s body, preventing it from cooling down. A baby blanket must be, above all, safe, so let’s choose products made of natural materials, such as cotton, bamboo or wool, thanks to which we will avoid irritation of the baby’s delicate skin. It should also be borne in mind that when buying a baby blanket, it cannot have pompoms or other applications that the toddler could tear off and swallow. It must also have a certificate confirming that it is a product safe for children, such as, for example: OEKO Tex.

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What size of a baby blanket to choose?
When choosing a blanket for a newborn and infant, in addition to the type of material and the appearance of the blanket, you should also pay attention to an extremely important element, i.e. its dimensions. For example, X-Swaddle, thanks to its size, is also a sling that protects the nursing mother. In this case, a blanket with a larger size is more useful. You can also use it to make a “dumpling baby” ☺ wrapping it tightly, which soothes children when they are newborns. However, in a situation where we want to use the blanket only to cover the baby, then we can choose its smaller sizes.

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Baby blankets made of natural materials that are recommended for babies.
The skin of a small child is very delicate, which is why we use dedicated cosmetics for its care, the same applies to clothes and blankets for newborns. Specialists emphasize that it is best to use blankets made of natural materials, which include cotton and bamboo. They are primarily airy, but they also have anti-allergic and anti-fungal properties, so they do not cause irritation to the baby’s skin. These types of products are therefore the best recommendation and at the same time an alternative to fleece blankets for a baby.

What blanket for a baby to choose for the winter?
Different temperature ranges throughout the year require the use of different types of baby blankets. In winter, parents decide to buy warm baby blankets. They are mainly made of materials with a denser weave, which mainly stops heat loss. Good winter baby blankets are often made of two types of materials, thus creating a good thermal insulation layer. Warm blankets for babies are especially recommended during frosts.

X-lander children’s blankets are recommended for the summer
In the summer, it is worth reaching for thin baby blankets with loose weaving, which allow the baby’s skin to breathe, while protecting its body from wind and UV rays. We especially recommend baby blankets for the summer from the X-lander offer. What distinguishes our products is primarily natural materials – cotton and bamboo. For example, the X-Swaddle children’s blanket model is made of 100% bamboo fabric in beautiful colors of blue, yellow, pink and gray. It is also distinguished by the use of patterns on the material – clouds and hexagons. On the other hand, the X-Boo blanket was created from equal proportions of cotton and bamboo, reminiscent of a nice-to-the-touch sweater. Beautiful, pastel colors are perfectly suited to current trends, so they will certainly be a hit gift, e.g. on the occasion of a babyshower. It is worth noting that the features of a blanket and a swaddle are shared by the X-Wrap model, which is worth taking on every walk. It has a pocket in which the child keeps his feet and, what is equally important – a reflector that will increase visibility in the evening.

How often should you wash a cotton baby blanket?
Each baby blanket should be washed regularly, and the frequency of cleaning them can depend to some extent on how often they are used. To wash a cotton blanket, we use detergents intended for cleaning children’s clothes. It is best to use a delicate wash program at 30°C and spinning at 800 rpm. It is good to use special underwear bags, which will additionally protect our baby’s blanket from possible damage.
Practical tips on how to care for a bamboo blanket for a newborn
To clean the bamboo baby blanket, it is recommended to hand wash it at 30°C. To avoid pilling of the material, we recommend not rubbing it. However, it should be borne in mind that the process of pilling bamboo yarn is a natural phenomenon during use. Washing in the washing machine can only be done when the manufacturer puts such information on the label.

Blankets for babies complementing children’s bedding sets
To cover the child, we can use sets, for example, a blanket and a pillow for a baby. The blanket will also work well as an additional element that complements baby bedding, for example our X-Dream bedding set made of certified cotton in two colors – pink and blue.

A blanket and a pillow for a baby are a perfect gift for a babyshower or baptism
If we have no idea what gift to give to the future mother for a babyshower, we encourage you to choose a practical gift. Such a gift can be a blanket for a newborn, which will be perfect to cover the baby’s body. A blanket for a girl is usually available in various variants of pink, and for a boy in shades of blue. We can also successfully use blankets in universal colors – beige or gray.

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