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X-WARM 230 G/MWinter sleeping for both the carrycot and the seat

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Suitable for corrycot and stroller

The X-Warm series of sleeping bags has been designed so that parents only need one sleeping bag for several years and can adjust it to the child’s development. In the short version, it fits perfectly into the carrycot – even a small one. In the extended version, it is 105 cm long! This sleeping bag grows with the child, which means that it will serve a newborn and a few-year-old until the end of the period of using the stroller.

Does not take up more space than necessary

Like a light autumn jacket, it warms and protects from the wind, and weighs nothing. This sleeping bag is dedicated for winter, for low temperatures down to about -10 degrees Celsius. It is filled with anti-allergic non-woven fabric with a weight of 230 gr/m. It is inspired by tourist sleeping bags, where weight and thermal properties are the most important. That’s why this sleeping bag is light as a feather and rolls up into a small comfortable sack, while being very warm and comfortable when changing positions. It also does not take up too much space in the stroller, ensuring the comfort of the child. It is a great alternative to traditional fat sleeping bags, for parents on the move, traveling and athletes.


  • Adjustable size

  • Modules and a well-thought-out arrangement of zippers allow you to adjust the length of the sleeping bag to the child's height. It does not restrict movement, takes up little space in the stroller. Also ideal for narrow strollers and compact seats. – The carrycot option is 48 cm wide, 79 cm long. – The walking seat or sledge option is 48 cm wide, 105 cm long.
  • Universal hole pattern

  • Universal belt holes suitable for most multifunctional and pushchairs. An additional row of holes suitable even for strollers with belts for newborns.
  • Waterproof zippers and fabric

  • Waterproof, zippers as in specialized outdoor clothing, do not jam in the cold. Covered with an impregnation, it slows down water absorption and ensures quick drying. The nylon from which the sleeping bag is made is slippery and causes slower absorption of water and snow.
  • Very warm and delicate

  • The sleeping bag is designed for low temperatures down to about -10 degrees Celsius. The outer fabric is high-quality nylon. Like in winter jackets. The interior is lined with a delicate and very nice "velvet". Pulled with strings, tightly enveloping the hood, it creates a delicate cocoon.
  • Well-conceived details

  • Non-slip patch on the bottom of the sleeping bag, preventing the sleeping bag from sliding off the seat. Thanks to separate, fully opening zippers, the sleeping bag opens completely. This makes it easier to put the child in the stroller comfortably. The end of the zipper under the chin is secured with a soft material. When entering the room for a walk, the sleeping bag can be completely unzipped without interrupting the child's sleep.
  • Light and small when rolled up

  • It takes up little space, you can always take it with you. The set includes a thin bag to pack into a small package. It is light as a down jacket, so you can safely carry it in the basket of the stroller and you will not feel that you have it.