X-CITELightweight 3in1 city stroller

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  • LED's

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Easy and hassle-free

A slimmed-down version of the 3-in-1 stroller adapted to the needs of an active family. This agile and lightweight stroller makes it easy to move with your baby every day, while having all the necessary functions for a newborn and an older child.

Covers and protects

This small model of a city stroller with a bucket seat protects the child and keeps it in a symmetrical position, which is highly recommended for the still unstable spine. Thanks to the 5-point harness, you will better protect your child from sliding sideways while sleeping. The adjustable footrest and the angle of the seat can be comfortably placed in the sleeping position.

Folding without any additional steps

To fold the X-Cite, you do not have to remove either the railing or the seat, or set the handle in a special position. We have made it possible always and quickly. You move the two locks on both sides of the frame at the same time and just drop the handle down. Stroller folded without bending down. Such a package can be pulled by the handle on the rear wheels – a very convenient function.

The set includes: foot cover, railing, mosquito net, seat, adapters for Maxi Cosi car seat.

*Fabrics may differ in weave.

Download the instruction and see how easy it is to use!



  • Urban lightweight frame

  • Because time and comfort count here.

  • Dedicated to urban challenges where weight, quick folding and maneuvering count. This city stroller is lightweight, consists of a seat and takes up little space in the trunk.
  • Telescopic handle adjustment

  • Driving comfort

  • The adjustable handle of the stroller is a must to drive it comfortably. It can be adjusted to you and your height with one hand movement by pressing a button.
  • Anti-shock system

  • Activates when hitting an obstacle

  • The new suspension of the front wheels on the X-Cite is a solution that is noticeable when pressure is applied from above and when it hits an obstacle. Thanks to this, the stroller overcomes obstacles more smoothly.
  • Reversing the seat to face the parent

  • Ensuring contact and closeness

  • The reversible stroller is not only a practical solution but, above all, the closeness your toddler needs. Especially for children who feel anxious when changing from the gondola. The lack of a parent's view makes them feel insecure. The seat can also be reversed during a walk, when we go into the sun or when we want to have easy access to the child.
  • Bucket seat

  • "Collects" and holds symmetry in the body

  • In addition, according to the physiotherapist, in the case of children who have a periodic increase in the extension tension in the lower limbs, the flexion position has a positive effect on its reduction. In other words, it is a position that inhibits excess tension.
  • Fabrics with protection

  • UV protection fabric

  • The fabrics used in the booths have the highest degree of sun protection, i.e. UPF 50+. Thanks to such protection, harmful, strong radiation is stopped in 98%. The sliding canopy with a UV filter almost completely covers the child sitting in the stroller, taking care of his health and protecting against external factors.


    Activates when hitting an obstacle


    When driving over heavy sand or over branches or potholes, block the front wheels to prevent them from turning. It will make the walk much easier. You can do it by pressing up a specially designed, easily accessible button above the wheel.


    Easy wheel removal system


    When driving over heavy sand or over branches or potholes, block the front wheels to prevent them from turning. It will make the walk much easier. You can do it by pressing up a specially designed, easily accessible button above the wheel.




We have made significant changes to the construction of the front wheels, increasing the range of spring deflection and significantly increasing the cushioning of the stroller. The new soft cushioning is noticeable under pressure from above, not just when hitting an obstacle. The X-Cite stroller now has reliable suspension on all 4 wheels.


In addition to spring shock absorption, this stroller construction is equipped with an ANTI-SHOCK SYSTEM, operating when hitting an obstacle, e.g. a curb. When this happens, the front wheels flex, absorbing the energy from the impact. Thanks to this, the vibrations generated during the ride do not transfer so much to the child and are largely leveled by the stroller’s systems. The new version of the X-Cite, being an urban model, will cope with uneven pavement or a hole in the surface. The new solution does not affect the weight of this lightweight stroller. The introduced improvement improves the comfort of driving the stroller and absorbs shocks to a large extent.

A stroller with a bucket seat is one of the most popular solutions in multifunctional strollers in the world.

In many flagship models of Western brands, this seat is present. The bucket seat complies with the EN 1880 standard regulating safety in products for children. However, a lot of myths have grown around this seat and hence parents often wonder if the child is comfortable and whether the bucket seat is good for the child.
We will try to answer these doubts.

What is a bucket seat?

A bucket seat, the so-called “bucket” is nothing more than a larger and more comfortable seat, which has a seat and backrest joined at a fixed angle. Tilting the seat to the lying position is done by tilting the backrest and the seat at the same time. Regardless of the bucket, the footrest is adjustable, which can be raised higher or lower by setting the knees and legs in any position. An important information that parents often do not realize is that the child’s spine in the bucket is arranged similarly to other strollers, because the backrest is flat and adheres to the back.
Of course, the X-Cite frame fits the X-Pram Light carrycot and many car seats available on the market with the MC fastener type.

Is the baby comfortable in the “bucket”?

Parents often wonder if a child in a stroller with a bucket seat sleeps comfortably in the back position. And here we advise. Sleeping on the back is the only possible sleeping position for a child wearing a seatbelt on a walk. A child who is fastened with a seat belt falls asleep in this position. Regardless of whether the stroller has a bucket seat or not. Below we quote the opinion of a physiotherapist who has no doubt that the child’s position is safe and the spine is supported.

Stanisław Faliszewski, MD, PhD – physiotherapist

“The bucket-type stroller ensures the appropriate comfort of body weight distribution, and thus allows for the correct shaping of the spine curvatures and has a positive effect on the hip joints. In addition, in the case of children in whom there is a periodic increase in the extension tension in the lower limbs, the flexion position has a positive effect on its reduction, in other words, it is a position that inhibits excess tension. It should be mentioned here that the physiological sleeping position of the child is the position on the back, in the first six months of life it is not recommended to sleep on the side due to the hip joints.”

Out of concern for you and the safety of your children, we were the first Polish brand to design integrated LED lighting. Especially in our latitude, this is a very important function for many days of the year.

Thanks to the LED lights mounted in the footrest of the stroller, your child is guaranteed even better visibility than with traditional reflectors. It increases by up to 50 m. When you are walking after dark or walking along the roadside on a poorly lit road, you can be sure that your little one is safe with you. You are visible to passing cars or other road users. LED lights work with batteries, their assembly is really simple and takes a few moments. Turn the wheelchair so that the underside of the footrest is in front of you. Insert the three LR44 batteries supplied with your model. The button that turns on the LED lights is located on the top of the frame. The panel is either flashing or steady on. If necessary, when installing the battery, you can use the instructions on the bottom of the footrest.

Learn about our good manufacturing practices regarding safety

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3in1 system, what does it mean?

3in1 is a designation for a multifunctional stroller. To put it simply, it is a stroller frame structure to which you can attach a seat, a carrycot and a car seat (commonly a baby carrier). Most often, such a designation is also information about what is included in the price of the set. Depending on the situation and age of the child, you will use individual elements of the 3in1 set.

The X-Cite stroller is a 3-in-1 type, so you can walk with the X-Pram Light carrycot from the first days of the child’s life up to 9 kg of the child’s weight, or when it starts to rise to the seat on its own. Depending on what happens first, we replace the gondola with a walking seat (without adapters), which still guarantees comfortable naps, because it reclines to lie down and has an adjustable footrest. The X-Cite seat wraps the baby and creates a soft cradle, comfortable to fall asleep – as if in a mother’s arms.

With the help of adapters, we can mount most of the car seats available on the market on the stroller frame. However, it should be remembered that the car seat should not be used instead of a carrycot – for large walks. The construction of the seats is designed to protect against injury, so the space inside is minimized for safety. These gondolas are made for comfortable sleep and relaxation. When traveling in the car, take frequent breaks and take your child out to stretch and rest.

What is 2in1? Applies to the same type of stroller, the number 2 refers to the set and means that it includes a frame, carrycot and seat, but does not have a car seat.

X-Cite is exceptionally lightweight compared to most 3in1 strollers.

Its weight is only 10.6 kg. This is due to the aluminum construction and lightweight EVA wheels, resistant to punctures. Such a mixture of vinyl and polyethylene is used, among others, in running shoes or photovoltaic panels, because it is characterized by high abrasion resistance and low weight.

X-Cite has everything you need for the first walks with your little one. Adjustable shopping basket with very good access, which will accommodate larger purchases, X-Rollbag and other necessary small items.

X-Cite literally folds in one move, together with the seat, without the need to perform additional actions, and without lifting or bending down.

It is a neat, but at the same time incredibly functional stroller. We have installed an LED panel in its footrest to guarantee you and your children greater visibility in the dark in the evening.

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