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X-Follow buggy is a solution for parents who require unique solutions in every detail. Therefore, we paid a lot of attention to small elements when designing it. Thanks to this, we give you a beautifully made and functional buggy. We made sure that X-Follow was assembled quickly and effortlessly.It is ideal buggy for modern parents, who appreciate excellent design and 6 great colours to choose from.

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X-Follow buggy is a solution for parents who require unique solutions in every detail. Therefore, we paid a lot of attention to small elements when designing it. Thanks to this, we give you a beautifully made and functional buggy. We made sure that X-Follow was assembled quickly and effortlessly. You can easily transport it anywhere, and it will not take up much space when folded. We have designed the shopping basket in a way it is comfortable to reach in. The seat is made of a soft fabric to make the strolls more enjoyable for your child. Compact dimensions – 80 × 102.5 up to the handle (106 cm up to the hood) × 52 cm – provide the child with space and comfort, and combined with low weight (7.5 kg) make X-Follow a perfect city buggy. It is available in 6 colours, which makes it stand out with its design. We have equipped it with a large hood that does not make any sound when unfolded. The window in the hood is magnetized, which ensures soundless opening. This guarantees comfortable conditions for the child, without interrupting their rest. The fabric on the hood is additionally impregnated with a waterproof layer, which allows the child to travel pleasantly regardless of the weather.  

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Weight and dimensions

Weight (kg) 7,6 7,6
Length (cm) 80 59
Height (cm) 106 31
Width (cm) 52 52

Reliable buggy with a distinctive appearance

X-Follow is a year-round, agile, city buggy, available in 6 fashionable colours. Its fashionable design, perfect proportions and attention to detail make it exclusive and distinctive in appearance. We have equipped it with a large, waterproof hood that allows your child to travel pleasantly even when it rains. The locks in the hood are also waterproof – just like in winter clothing. You can buy a compatible mosquito net and a matching rain cover for the buggy. It can also bear loads of up to 15 kg.
City travel requires a stroller to be agile and light. This is what X-Follow is about. The folding system has been designed so that the parent can easily and quickly fold the buggy with one hand. Just press and turn the ergonomic lever and the buggy folds easily. The way the buggy is made determines your child’s safety. Therefore, there is no room for compromise. When creating X-Follow, we used high-quality raw materials and certified fabrics that are safe for children. We also used spring cushioning and equipped the buggy with foam wheels, thanks to which each city trip is safe and comfortable for the child. Whether you are traveling in a city park, sidewalk, sand or snow.

Simple and quick folding

In the city, simple but clever solutions are especially valuable. This was our goal when creating the folding system. It is based on hidden tensioning cables and is operated by 2 buttons on buggy’s handle. Press the first button and while holding it – move the second one. After unlocking, the buggy folds itself with the help of gravity. Despite such a simple system, it is not possible to accidentally fold it- it requires correct order buttons pressing. It is called a second lock system, and it is crucial for the buggy to meet safety standards. Folding the stroller is quick and easy for the parent, it can be done with one hand and in one place. The buggy weighs 7.5 kg only, and when folded, it easily fits into the trunk of a small car. It also has a self-locking buckle, thanks to which the folded buggy can be comfortably carried with one hand. Small dimensions after folding (59 × 31 × 52 cm) also make it easy to store the buggy in the apartment.

Perfect in every detail

X-Follow represents carefully selected and modern design. It’s minimalist and elegant. The buggy is available in 6 fashionable colours: powder pink, turquoise/ sea, blue, khaki, yellow and beige. Those who follow trends will surely notice that the Pantone pallet 2021 choses sunny yellow as the colour of the year. This is what our Solar Yellow is about. For the brave, we also have Cosmic Blue, while those who appreciate classic solutions can choose Galaxy Beige or Helio Green, which have enjoyed unflagging popularity among parents for years. X-Follow catches the eye with its fashionable colours and aesthetic appearance. The buggy has a simple line, additionally emphasized by a silver frame element. It owes its lightness and agility to perfectly selected proportions. This solution is a response to parents’ need, who value individualism as well as stylish and compact solutions. X-Follow is a buggy for parents who also value quality and the ability to adapt to individual needs. Very light (7.5 kg) and agile, it is perfect for traveling around the city. You can fold it quickly and easily with one hand, thanks to a special system. After folding, it has a compact size, so you can easily fit it into the car trunk. These are valuable solutions that allow you to comfortably travel around the city with your buggy. Whether you are going for a walk in the park or shopping. In the latter, a spacious (45 × 36 × 15 cm) basket, to which you have easy access, will help you and will be much appreciated. The bearings in the wheels make the buggy easy to lead, even with one hand. Cushioning and foam wheels make the journey a pleasure for the child, and you can visit your favourite places in the city together. A large, waterproof and soundless hood makes the travels comfortable. The footrest is covered with a non-staining fabric that protects against dirt and is easy to wash. Backrest adjustment system allows you to find the most comfortable position for your child.

X-FOLLOW features


Pleasant journey on city sidewalks. The wheels in X-Follow buggy are made of high quality EVA foam. It is characterized by lightness and durability. Even driving on uneven terrain, hitting something sharp debris, such as a piece of glass, does not threaten to puncture or destroy the wheel. In addition, the wheels do not require maintenance, and you do not have to remember about pumping them. This type of wheels is best for walking along city paths or sidewalks. High-quality foam and springs used in the wheels increase the shock absorption properties, which in turn translates into a stable ride without disturbance. And this is the basis for a pleasant journey for your little one.

Lightness you will appreciate

Lightness you will appreciate. While working on the construction of the buggy, we wanted it to be both light and solid at the same time. Made of aluminum, X-Follow weighs 7.5 kg only. This makes it easy to carry and transport. You can easily pack it into a small car boot or bring it into the apartment, where it will not take up much space.

Comfortable travel

Comfortable travel in any position. The backrest of X-Follow can be easily adjusted with both hands, using straps. Standard strollers have only 3-position option. In X-Follow, you can stop the backrest in any position suited for the child. The backrest unfolds into a lying position, creating a flat surface. Special straps make it possible to transport a new-born as well.

Large hood

Large hood for comfort during travel. X-Follow has a large, adjustable hood. You can easily adjust it to protect the child against sun or wind. The hood measures 35.5 × 47 cm, and when unfastened, the length increases to 57 cm. The child has a lot of space and can comfortably explore the world. In addition, we have equipped it with a window that provides your child with constant ventilation and a supply of fresh air, and allows you to keep an eye on your child at all times. A special magnetic clasp makes unfastening the window soundless. This solution allows you not to disturb your child’s sleep when napping.

Visible from afar

Visible from afar. Safety during trip is essential. Also during walks in the city. We would like X-Follow to be visible from all sides and everywhere. That is why we have placed a large reflective element across the entire width of the hood. Reflective elements are also placed on the basket and wheels. As a result, the entire buggy is easy to be noticed even from a great distance.

Easy to maneuver

Easy to maneuver with one hand. The lightness and stability of the buggy make it easy and comfortable to maneuver. It is important that the journey is a pleasure not only for the child, but also for the parent. High-quality bearings in the wheels will allow you to control the buggy, even when using one hand only.

Folding in two steps

Folding in two steps. X-Follow has been equipped with a comfortable and modern folding system that allows the buggy to be folded in two steps by help of gravity. The system is controlled by two buttons. All you have to do is press one and move the other at the same time for the buggy to fold under its own weight. The self-locking buckle allows it to be carried effortlessly when folded. We know how important it is to be able to fold and unfold the stroller quickly, especially when you live in the city and live at your own pace.

Made for city travel

Made for city travel. Whether you are going to the store or walking around the city, X-Follow’s small size makes it the perfect companion for city trips. When unfolded, it has the dimensions of 80 × 102.5 up to the handle (106 cm up to the hood) × 52 cm, which makes the buggy large and spacious. In turn, when folded, it is really small – 59 × 31 × 52 and can easily fit into the car truck. Eventually, it will not take up much space in an apartment.

Minimalistic design

Minimalist and designer. X-Follow has a fashionable design and aesthetics. A simple, minimalist form makes it exclusive in its form. In turn, a large selection of colours makes it easy for every parent to find something for themselves. Regardless of whether they like bold solutions – like sunny yellow Solar Yellow, Cosmic Blue, or classic ones like Galaxy Beige and Helio Green.


We designed X-Follow with great care for the child’s safety. That is why we have included 5-point harnesses attached to the 3-point safety buckle. More, additional belt loops have been installed on the seat, which allow for the safe transport of a new-born baby. To adjust the straps, just pull lightly on the end of the strap and tighten it. We have added a set of shoulder straps to the belts – fastened with snaps and easy to remove. We also equipped them with an elastic band that stabilizes the shoulder pad in place so that it does not move. This allows you to protect the child’s skin from abrasions. Another elements ensuring safety are reflective elements that are placed along the entire hood. Thanks to this, the buggy is easy to spot from a distance. Additional reflective elements are also found on the basket and wheels. This makes the stroller visible from all sides. All fabrics used to create X-Follow are safe for children, do not contain substances harmful to children and have tests confirmed by certificates. We subjected our buggy to many tests: mechanical, stability and durability. All of them ended with a positive result. The buggy complies with the EN 1888-1: 2018 standard. In addition, the elements used to build the buggy were tested for compliance with EN 71-3 (chemical hazards) and 71-2 (flammability hazards).

The best solutions for the child's comfort

The buggy will accompany your child at every step during the first years of life. Therefore, it must give them a feeling of comfort. Many of our solutions are designed to make traveling fun. Enlarged hood protects the child from strong sun or rain. Fastened with magnets, it will not wake the child up during a nap. The backrest can be folded down to a lying position, so your little one can take a nap no matter where you are. All 4 wheels in the buggy have soft cushioning, so even a trip on an uneven path or pavement will not disturb your child’s rest. The seat is made of quilted, nice-to-touch fabric with soft filling, so that the child can comfortably travel longer routes. The strap adjustment system of the backrest allows you to put it in any position you want. The seat belts are equipped with shoulder pads to protect the child from pressure or abrasions.

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Cosmic Blue, Galaxy Beige, Helio Green, Sollar Yellow, Stellar Sky, Sunset Pink

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