X-COSY ARTA colorful sleeping bag for a stroller and carrycot


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A new model of a winter sleeping bag for children using a carrycot and later, a stroller seat. The holes in the sleeping bag are universal for each stroller model and fit the 5-point belts. Warm filling and hood adjustment tightly cuddle the child during walks, even on frosty days. All the raw materials, from which the sleeping bag was made, are of the highest quality.


  • Universal belt hole heights

  • The sleeping bag will fit most multifunctional prams and pushchairs. You can also adjust the range of belts to the age and height of the child.
  • Protection of the interior against dirt

  • The inner layer of waterproof material in the legs protects against soiling with shoes.
  • Pleasant to the touch "velvet" material

  • The inside of the sleeping bag is a Velvet type material that is pleasant to the child's skin and dries quickly.
  • Double filling 500 gr

  • Protects against the coldest wind, rain and snow. Very thick and very warm. It has a double, winter filling and an external impregnated fabric.
  • Convenient full opening

  • The zippers on the sides open to the very end, thanks to which the baby can get out of the sleeping bag on his own. This solution is also useful when moving from the court to a room with a sleeping child. Unzipping will protect the child from overheating and ensure a good night's sleep.
  • Straps for attaching to the stroller

  • The sleeping bag has straps on the back that are attached to the plastic handles in the seat of the stroller. Thanks to this, they prevent the sleeping bag from slipping when the baby is fidgeting inside.