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Two children means different needs but in X-Double no compromise is required. To meet your expectations and the needs of your little ones, we have created a stroller for twins or two children of different ages. The lightest and smallest double stroller on the market – weighs only 11.9 kg. You can fold and unfold it easily. When folded, it is not much bigger than a single stroller!

This model is agile and easy to maneuver. Although it is intended for two children, it can easily fit in a door with a width of 75 cm. Importantly, X-Double stroller can be used by newborns. This is possible thanks to a backrest that can be flat-positioned and special seat belts. In addition to the stroller, you can also buy X-Nest carrycot.

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This stroller is perfect for two from birth with the possibility of mounting a carrycot very light compact when folded convenient for bigger children

X-Double is the smallest of the double strollers. We wanted it to be surprisingly light, and thus make your everyday life easier. You can easily fold this model into a small package that easily fits into the car booth. The stroller also has automatic folding lock that secures the frame after folding. This makes it convenient to lift and carry. It does good for your back! The soft carrycot also easily folds flat and does not take up much space when transporting. Two children mean two different characters and needs. Regardless of whether you have twins or children with a slight age difference, X-Double can be adjusted to the needs of each one. Both backrests adjust independently. Now, it doesn’t matter if one of the children wants to lie down and the other to sit. Each seat is equipped with an independent bumper bar, so one toddler can get out of the stroller without disturbing the other. Two children also means bigger weight. It often takes strength to maneuver the double-type stroller. But not with X-Double. This stroller is smooth to lead and turn, even in very narrow aisles. This ensures a well-balanced center of gravity. The stroller easily fits door passage. It will take you to an elevator, a shop and the gates in a supermarket. What an advantage! A stroller for two children of different ages does not have to be a compromise in terms of children’s needs and travel comfort. Enlarged hoods protect them from the sun or wind, and the ventilation ensures air circulation during walks on hot days. It’s only the beginning of a long list of functional solutions that we have introduced here ?

Download the manual and check what solutions we used!

Weight and dimensions

Weight  (kg) 11,9 11,9 11,9
Length (cm) 87,5 61,5 56
Height (cm) 105,5 30,5 30,5
Width (cm) 73,5 73,5 73,5

X-DOUBLE features

Small dimensions

Fits spaces as good as a single stroller does. Small size allows you to move freely with it. Typically, strollers for two children, due to their width, often do not fit in standard doors or entrances. Meanwhile, the unfolded X-Double measures 87.5 × 73.5 × 105.5 cm. The width of 73.5 cm makes it easy to fit wherever you go.

Comfort for every child

Comfort for every child. How to assure equal comfort for each child when traveling with a brother or sister in one stroller? It is quite a challenge. That is why we equipped X-Double with two independent seats. Each of your children can travel as comfortably as they want. Regardless of the position of the neighbour 😉 . A light, soft carrycot (an accessory that you can buy) allows your child to sleep comfortably flat, even when your older one travels seated upright.

Well-balanced center of gravity

Travel effortlessly. Maneuvering a double stroller does not require a lot of effort. To make your strolls as pleasant as possible, we took care that the center of gravity is well-balanced. Thanks to this, coping with the stroller is light and easy. You can maneuver it effortlessly while drawing all your attention to the children. The front swivel wheels also add to agility and efficient maneuvering. They allow the stroller to rotate around its axis. However, if you want, you can also lock the front wheels which is especially useful on uneven roads.

Smart belt buckle

One buckle – double safety Children’s safety comes first. X-Double has a special, ergonomic belt buckle. It allows you to fasten both children in their seats quickly and efficiently. The buckle can be easily fastened by joining its parts together, you can also unlock it with one button.

Reflective elements

Visible after dark. To ensure safety, the truck must be visible from a distance. Also when dusk falls or when you travel at night. Side reflectors on the wheels and the front visor on the visor increase visibility trolley on the road.

Fine finish

Functional and fashionable stroller. Fashionable melange fabrics and finishes are very pleasing to the eye. Moreover – thanks to brown eco-leather details – it fits in with the latest trends!

No limits with X-Double

Two children means twice as much first words, steps and smiles, but also lots more responsibilitie. Even when they are yet small they have different needs. There will be times when one of the children would want to take a nap while the other wants to explore the world by looking around during walk. Thanks to X-Double’s twin seats this is easily achievable. At the same time, you will keep an eye on them at all times. Double parenting is also double responsibility. And literally! Carrying two babies is a big challenge for your back. Twin-pregnant moms need time to recover and gain strenght, and lifting is often painful. Dad’s job is not easy either! Therefore, the stroller is very light. Why you would want to carry any extra weight, true? By the way, each travel with two children also means twice as much luggage. Even a short walk or a short trip to the city center requires taking stuff for both kids. Do you imagine? That’s quite a lot of packages! But does it mean that having newborn twins in the family that you have to buy a new, bigger car? No. It is enough for you to have the stroller that is smaller in size and compact after folding ? Folded X-Double is 56 × 73.5 × 30.5 cm (with wheels taken off), just like a single stroller! So you can easily fit it in car booth. Imagine you’re packed and you’re on your way fast and easy, right? your older child spots something interesting and gladly runs to check on it, while you put their younger sibling in the stroller. Caring for two babies requires having eyes around your head! We can’t give you that, but we’ve come up with something else. X-Double stroller is equipped with an easy-to-use safety belt buckle. It allows you to fasten your children easily and quickly.

Smooth ride with X-Double stroller


A stroller for two children can be a burden for a parent. That’s why we made sure that X-Double is easy to drive and easy to fold. It weighs 11.9 kg – it’s the lightest double stroller model on the market. It also has an automatic lock securing the frame, which makes it convenient to lift and carry when folded. Despite the fact that the stroller is double loaded, the solutions used make it easy to maneuver. Swivel front wheels and a well-balanced center of gravity make the stroller smoothly rotate around its axis – and that means nothing less than dynamic driving.
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Bumper bar
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Safety is the most important thing when it comes to children.

Especially when it requires double focus and attention. That is why we have designed solutions that will make it easier for you. We have equipped X-Double with reflective elements to improve visibility after dark. We put them on the wheels and on the stroller hood. Thanks to them, the stroller is clearly visible from all sides. And if you accompany X-Double with X-Nest carrycot with its reflective elements in the hood, you will further increase visibility. On the other hand, the front wheel lock feature helps in smooth ride even on demanding surfaces (such as pavement or sand). Independent bumper bars and adjustable footrests make each child safe, even when you are just taking care of the other. The bumper bars can also be removed, making it much easier to fasten your seat belts. The stroller also has a smart system of safety belts (also suitable for the newborn). All of these: shoulder straps, lap straps and a crotch strap make a whole cohesive system. They form the fastening system required and approved by the standard. Thanks to it, you can fasten both children easily and quickly. You can adjust the footrests depending on the needs of each child, so that they can comfortably rest their legs.

Two children in a 2-in-1 pram = happy family moments

Our calculation is simple: when you put 2 children in 1 stroller with 2-in-1 functionality, you will travel for a long time. Children grow and develop at a surprising pace. You won’t even look back when your children start walking and discovering the world on their own feet. X-Double will accompany them during the first years of their lives. The stroller is designed to transport two children from the moment of birth. The maximum weight of one child travelling in a stroller is 15 kg. Adjustable backrests with an angle of over 150 degrees make the stroller meet the needs of the child from birth. Adjusting straps (good even for infants and newborns) ensures comfort and fit child’s height. The youngest children can be transported lying down (thanks to a specially designed belt system). On the other hand, an older child can travel seated and half-seated. Additionally, for a newborn or infant, you can buy X-Nest carrycot that is attached to the stroller frame. X-Double gives you one more important solution that you won’t find in the manual. It often happens that an older child is jealous of the younger one and wants the same things. But when your children are traveling in a double-seat stroller, you can pay attention to them simultaneously. When your children are together from an early age and learn from each other without disturbing each other, they grow happily.

Independent seats in a double stroller? Yes!

Although children travel in one stroller, they can feel like two separate ones. Separate seats ensure a comfortable journey for both children. Thanks to X-Double, your childrem may have different needs. But it won’t make them drift apart. This stroller for two , equipped with thoughtful solutions, means that, although in separate seats adapted to different needs, children travel close to each other.
What determines it? Independent seat adjustment, separate bumper bars, footrests and hoods. Note that even a small age difference between children requires different travel conditions. X-Double can transport two children of different ages. You can easily put the backrest flat, which means that even a newborn can travel in it. For an older child already sitting by themselves, you can raise the backrest. And you are ready for a comfortable journey!

This stroller is a chameleon!

Having two young children means meeting the needs of two different people. That is why we have prepared a series of additional accessories that will allow you to ensure the safety and comfort of your children. You can buy a mosquito net, useful during summer trips, a rain cover and a soft carrycot with handles, in which you can easily carry a sleeping child. It has reflectors and a removable mattress for washing. You can easily fold it flat for transport. So .. Are we going for a ride?

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