X-Wrap is a perfect combination of cotton a blanket and a leg wrap all in one. It is perfect for transitional periods, cooler evenings or summer naps. It protects from the wind, light cold, but also the sun. The blanket has a large pocket made of non-staining fabric for putting the child’s feet. In consequence, the blanket does not slide off during a nap, moreover, the wheels don’t make it dirty. It is a simple but extremely useful accessory for walks that makes the parents’ life easier and ensures the child’s comfort.

X-Wrap is made of high-quality cotton, which is pleasant to touch. The product is breathable and protects the child from the wind. The blanket can be easily rolled up and therefore takes up less space than a foot cover, which works as a great replacement. If necessary, it can be easily put in the light bag included in the set. It has an elastic band to tighten the blanket so that it does not unfold when thrown in a hurry into a bag or a stroller basket. Safety is of course an important issue, which is why the X-lander logo printed on the front is reflective and can be easily seen by any oncoming driver.

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X-Wrap features

  • pocket for legs made of slippery material that is easy to clean – a solution that prevents the blanket from sliding off during a walk and getting stuck in the wheels. The special fabric in this part of the blanket prevents it from shoes’ dirt.
  • large reflection on the front – a reflective logo visible from a distance allows the stroller to be visible at night;
  • high-quality cotton – certified, high-quality, thick cotton, which is pleasant to touch, wraps the child ensuring safety in contact with its delicate skin;
  • fits any type of stroller – universal, gray color fits any stroller, giving it a modern and sporty look;
  • replaces the foot cover – prevents the blanket from moving, wrapping the child more tightly thanks to its shape in the legs area. Unlike a a footcover, it takes up very little space and is very compact when folded.
  • wrap-around strap – a strap attached to the blanket allows it to be quickly rolled up and easily thrown into a bag or shopping basket
  • blanket storage bag- protects it from getting dirty and allows you to always have it at hand.