Traveling with your baby becomes safe and comfortable thanks to the highest quality materials, seat angle adjustment and the adaptive headrest.

In the X-Car seat, the child is carried rear-facing. This provides the best protection in the event of a frontal impact. Impact forces are concentrated on the back of the seat, while impact energy is distributed evenly over the head, neck and upper body areas. We recommend that you travel with children in rearward-facing child seats for as long as possible, i.e. until they reach a weight of 13 kg.

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X-Car features

Easy belt adjustment

The headrest and seat belts are adjustable with a single hand movement. They can be quickly and easily adjusted to your child’s height. The headrest of the seat must be in the right position, i.e. just above the baby’s shoulders. The correct adjustment of the headrest guarantees the correct attachment of the straps


When choosing a car seat for your child, special attention should be paid to safety issues. The straps provide protection inside the car seat, absorbing impacts, distributing their strength to separate places: two over the shoulders and one in the place where the buckle fastens the straps between the legs. Thanks to this car seat ensures full comfort and safety during journey.

Easy to wash/clean

The entire upholstery is washable. It can easily be removed without removing the straps. Thanks to the removable cover, it is very functional and makes life easier for all parents

Additional protection while installing on stroller frame

Adjustable handle allows you to place your child in the car seat easily. It is also a guarantee of the safe connection between the seat and the stroller frame. After installing on the stroller frame, move the seat handle back so that a green spot appears, guaranteeing proper attachment to the frame. Just press the handle buttons on both sides to unlock it and be able to move it.

Paddle for easy upholstery reassembly

Special paddle helps to place the upholstery precisely after removing it, even in narrow gaps.

Side protection

Additional head, hip and shoulder protection in the event of a side impact.

Seat ventilation

The side vents of the seat structure guarantee air circulation along the entire surface.

Belt covers

Soft and wide belt covers provide comfort for the child and protect against pressure.

Adaptive inside pad

The car seat is equipped with a special insert which ensures proper positioning during the journey. The insert provides additional and proper support for newborns. Pillows reduce the excess of free space, protecting the baby and guaranteeing them adequate comfort.

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