Ultra-light buggy 2 in 1 type for traveling parents


Compact buggy that will amaze you with its functionality. At 6,9 kg, it is lightest of all models and when folded, the shoulder strap makes it very easy to carry. After unfolding, it is spacious, comfortable and extremely agile, giving the impression that it drives itself.

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X-Fly is the most suitable choice for active and journey-loving parents. With our X-Fly, every getaway outside the city will become an exciting family trip.

It’s very simple. More so because this compact buggy weighs only 6.9 kg. Two agile moves are enough to turn your X-Fly into an even smaller and more convenient package. It’s definitely easier to carry with the strap attached.

Despite its small size, the width of the seat is only 1 cm smaller than the X-Move seat. In no way will it change the super-comfort that your little traveler will receive while sitting in it.

Wheels with ball bearings with suspension mean that the buggy runs smoothly and quickly, but above all, very safely even on uneven surfaces.

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Weight and dimensions

Weight (kg) 6.9 6.9
Lenght (cm) 86 49
Height (cm) 105 28
Width (cm) 45 45

X-FLY features

From a buggy to a small package
The buggy folds into a small package in a simple and easy way. It can be carried on the shoulder thanks to a smart shoulder strap added to the set. It definitely makes moving or packing the buggy simpler and more comfortable. A folded buggy easily fits car trunk or plane luggage storage.

Simple to use, assuring full protection
It’s an absolute must have. It gives effective protection against wind, rain or sun. Adjustable, depending on the needs, it can be enlarged by pulling a zip. After unfolding it covers the child completely, adjusting to their position. So it works well when your child is sound asleep, creating a cosy place for them to nap.

Smooth steering, light handling, controlled maneuvers
The well-balanced centre of gravity and the wheels with ball bearings mean that you do not need to use force to control it. All these features provide maximum navigability, giving you total control over pushchair movements and, above all, on the child’s comfort during ride.

Ideal match for your child
Smooth and quiet adjustment, thanks to which we can arrange the backrest at any height, adjusting it to the child’s position and preferences. Extremely useful function, especially when the child wants to take a nap while walking. Even with the seat folded out and with a load of 20 kg, the buggy does not lose its stability.

Safe even for older children
A very important test confirming that even with bigger load the buggy will still be stable. Shifting the gravity centre further into the unfolded seat does not change its well-balanced position.

As spacious as other pushchairs
It can be easily employed up to the point when your child no longer needs the buggy. Roomy seat area assures great comfort during ride and cosy nook for napping.

Rare and desirable solution
All wheels suspension means that both the front and rear axle of the buggy absorbs shocks and helps during ride on uneven surfaces. Each wheel has a spring which helps in levelling the bumpy surfaces. It means that the vibrations will not be transferred onto your child and every stroll is comfortable and smooth.

Compact yet versatile
It is the most lightweight from all pushchairs weighing 6,9 kg only. It is perfect for travel-loving parents and children. It folds into a little package which can be carried on the shoulder. After removing the seat it becomes a 4-kilogram construction ideal for attaching a car seat. Surprisingly agile on the route, very practical in everyday use and trips.

Durable solid construction not exceeding 6.9 kg
Aluminium is a high quality raw material. It definitely strengthens the construction of our pushchairs. Thanks to it, our pushchairs are durable and light, enabling parents trouble-free using especially when it comes to bringing the buggy up the stairs or packing it to the car boot.

Handy protection during walks
We have built a mosquito net into the footrest. It gives you the opportunity to quickly fasten it to the buggy during a walk in the park or forest. Everywhere where your child is exposed to insect bites. Perfectly matched to the frame of the buggy, it covers it completely. Mosquito net ensures the safety of your child, especially during a nap in open air. Its mesh texture creates a cosy nook when it is stretched over the hood.

UV50+ fabric
One of the assumptions in the design of strollers is children safety and health. All stroller fabrics have the highest UV50+ protection. Thanks to this protection, harmful, strong UV rays do not get inside the carrycot or the covered part of the seat. Large UV50 hood shields the child almost completely, taking care of their health and protecting against harmful external factors.

Designed for safety and comfort
Our safety belts system is a harness with a buckle and 5 attachments points. Thanks to this solution the child is secure sitting in the pushchair and is unable to unfasten themselves.So it fully guarantees stability and security. The straps can be placed in the seat at two heights, adjusting them to the size and height of the child. They have protective casings separating the body against pressure and providing great convenience.

Polish tradition, Dutch design

We are a family company designing and producing strollers for children. We know that being a parent is indeed the greatest and the most beautiful adventure in life. Thanks to the new line, active time spent together will provide even more pleasure. We know that life is a journey, from the moment the child comes into this world. It is the time of many discoveries and getting to know each other. For us, activity is a way of life and parenting.

Activity, joy and responsibility are the values that constitute both the foundation of the brand and the basis of any new product development. Thanks to them, we support family quality time and we offer more opportunities of spending time together. Your journey is our goal.

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X-BAG Lite

Ultralight buggy for travel lovers

X-Fly will calmly introduce the child to the world of small and great expeditions. We are sure that over time, they will beat them all on their own feet. So far, the compact buggy is a great proposal for a second stroller for children who have just started walking and need to rest during long walks. Comfortable, spacious seat perfectly suited to your needs.

What’s more, the X-Fly provides high stability even with higher loads, up to 20 kg. That is why, slightly older children also have maximum stability and great riding comfort. And you do not have to worry about overloading and leaning backwards.

On the route, it will allow your child to have a good and quiet sleep, regardless of the weather or the surrounding conditions. It has a very large hood, protecting against wind, sun and rain. It is a very solid, clever compact buggy that will be perfect in various situations.

After disassembling the seat, it can be used with the group 0car seat. When folded, it takes almost as much space as a laptop. The frame itself weighs only 4 kg, and in combination with the seat the buggy is really easy to carry. It is said that every journey begins with the first step. With X-Fly, small and big discoveries become possible much earlier.

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Dusk Violet, Evening Grey, Lunar black, Night blue

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