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X-Venture is a backpack for the stroller that has the same functions as a bag.

It can be attached to the stroller handle, it has a lot of practical pockets and storage compartments. It’s a backpack, purse and organizer in one. It has an internal, soft compartment for laptop. You will certainly use it in many situations other than just walking in the park.

It is equipped with the same additional accessories as the stroller bag, i.e. it has a portable changing mat and a bottle cover that keeps the temperature of the liquid in the bottle.It has many internal compartments, external pockets with zippers and an external pocket for wet wipes to keep them handy.

Made and sewn with attention to every detail. Eco-leather accents and fine lining add to its genuine charm. It is a nice accessory to the stroller, but it also works as a fashionable backpack for any other occasion, as a laptop bag or a stylish addition to a casual outfit.


The backpack includes a changing mat, bottle cover and clips for attaching it to the stroller handle.

Capacity: 14L


  • Numerous pockets and compartments

  • Numerous pockets and compartments – a backpack has 4 external pockets with zippers, including those with difficult access (from the back) to the wallet or phone. 5 internal compartments to organize things inside a large backpack space. One of the compartments has a soft compartment, for laptop or tablet.
  • Rich equipment

  • Rich equipment – thermal bottle cover is lined with a special foil that maintains the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle. It’s a nice gadget for every parent who wants to give their child a warm drink in the winter or cool drink in the summer during their trips and strolls. The second element is a portable changing mat, which can be used in a public place while maintaining hygienic comfort for your child.
  • Easy to keep clean

  • Easy to clean - the inside of the backpack is made of fabric that can be easily wiped even with a wet tissue, without having to wash the entire bag.
  • Easily attached to the stroller handle

  • Easily attached to the stroller handle – special clips allow to attach the backpack to the handle and stably fasten it to the stroller. The backpack can be removed from the stroller with ease and with no additional actions. Thanks to the universal clips, it can be attached to almost any stroller.
  • Pocket for wet wipes

  • Pocket for wet wipes – the backpack has a pocket on the side with a wide opening and easy access. It can be used to pull the wipes out easily. A pocket that you can reach to without taking your backpack off your back.