Polish tradition, Dutch design

Designer about the new image of the brand:
X-lander is a brand designed for parents who want to spend active time with their children and really enjoy it. Developed to cope with various climate conditions, in a location full of forests and hills, X-lander has always met the expectations of active parents, even the most demanding ones!
As it has grown, the brand has tailored its offer to suit the city lifestyle and designed a complete line of pushchairs for all terrains, including the iconic pushchair for runners: the X-Run.
Drawing on experience and proven solutions that are constantly being improved, X-lander is striving to cherish and place an even greater emphasis on its core values:

Active, joy, responsible.

These values constitute both the foundation of the brand and the basis of any new product development project: its functionality, environmental impact and details of its colour palette. The latest journey has a challenging destination: the creation of a collection that will meet the demands and needs of the most active families. In developing this harmonious line, X-lander returned to its roots. Thanks to the new line, active time spent together will provide even more pleasure. Let’s make every walk or run a whole new adventure.