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New adventure ahead

The X-lander brand was created with active parents in mind, parents who enjoy spending their time with their children outside. We understand that every day you set out on the best walk of your life, and we’re proud to keep the pace with you.

Stages of the design and production process

X-lander has an innovative design and appearance but the features that particularly distinguish it are the solutions improving the safety of your child.

To provide the highest quality, our company has implemented special procedures of a design and production process expert:

Standards and best practices
Compliance Manager (a manager ensuring compliance with the standards), who is responsible for defining security requirements and appropriate standards for the product at each design and production stage.

Consultations with experts

Then directors of various production departments are involved in the design process in order to verify its compliance with the criteria of durability and safety at every stage in the creation of the product.

Internal tests

Before the product is sent to an authorised laboratory to conduct official testing (in our case this is the German TUV Reinland), it goes through the same tests in our internal laboratory. We use the principle that the key strength parameters imposed by the EN 1888 standard in our internal testing must be exceeded by 2 to 3 times. This applies, for example, to the amount of hours on a roller tester, the load during the test or the number of repetitions during strength tests. An example would be the test of repeatedly pressing on the handle of the loaded pram. This is to check the strength of the handle. The standard states 10 thousand repetitions. On our machine for this test, in the case of X-Move, we test it for 40 thousand cycles.

Independent tests

The next process is the testing and certification phase in the TÜV Rheinland testing and certification body.

Production line supervision

The next stage is overseeing the production process. Our inspectors closely monitor every production stage and carry out random checks on the goods before they are sent to the customer. All the above described processes have been checked and verified by TÜV Rheinland employees.


The result of these actions is TÜV’s certificate for our products as well as the process of their production. The certificate is awarded by the international concern TÜV Rheinland, which for more than 150 years carries out research and certification of products in terms of safety, functionality, portability, usability and durability.



X-lander prams are in accordance with the European safety standard EN 1888, which defines the uniform technical requirements for safety as well as the procedure for inspecting prams in all of Europe. Each certified product obtains a mark confirming its tested properties.

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