X-Cite – X-lander

Smooth sailing in the city


Manoeuvring over pavements, narrow passages, stairs and sloping drives … Urban walks are a challenge. X-Cite understands the urban lifestyle perfectly. It lets you smoothly and easily reach your favourite playground, while performing equally well on shopping trips. The X-Cite is light enough to glide over obstacles. Open up to the city and walk where you choose.

The lightest and most compact urban stroller.

And it folds quickly. Because time matters.

The whole package 3 in 1 SET


Stroller with X-Pram Light

Stroller with car seat group 0+

BeSafe Izi Go is the recommended car seat for all X-lander strollers


51. A stroller for even the very first days, thanks to the X-rest reducer.

quality AND SAFETY

X-lander prams posses a TÜV certificate, awarded by the international concern TÜV Rheinland, which for more than 150 years carries out research and certification of products in terms of safety, functionality, portability, usability and durability.

Prams are in accordance with the European safety standard EN 1888, which defines the uniform technical requirements for safety as well as the procedure for inspecting prams in all of Europe. Each certified product obtains a mark confirming its tested properties.

X-Cite baby prams are built using a bucket seat solution.

In accordance with the opinion of an orthopaedist, the seat has a positive effect on the development of the child’s body, including the spine and hip joints.

„Bucket type strollers provide appropriate comfort in the distribution of body weight, thus it enables the correct shape and curvature of the spine as well as properly affects the hip joints. In addition, in the case of children in which is noticed a periodically extended tension of the lower extremities, being seated in a bent position properly influences their reduction. In other words, this position inhibits excess tension. Here it should be noted that the normal physiological position for a sleeping baby is on its back. In the first six months is not recommended for it to sleep on its side due to the hip joints. At a later age, sleeping on its side in the position of this pram may not be too comfortable but it is not precluded. Here once again the above mentioned benefits should be pointed out.”

Stanisław Faliszewski, M.D., PhD.

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