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X-MOVE The safest buggy

€ 499,00

Price applies to stroller only, not full set

SUV among pushchairs, guarantees your child comfort and safety during walks, especially on difficult terrain. Safety belts adapted to their height and air wheels, provide them with exceptional comfort and protection in the city and on rough roads alike.

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images/image-big-x-move.png Always on the move

X-Move is a larger stroller with even bigger possibilities.

We know how important it is for you and your child to go out together. That's why we designed the stroller in such a way that it would surprise with its functionality and adaptation to every situation.

Thanks to the quick release system, the wheels are removed by pressing one button, and the chassis folds very easily. And suddenly, you get a strollet that is easy to carry and easy to pack into a small car boot. It's because the chassis is lightweight and it's made of high quality aluminum.

Download the instruction manual and check
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Weight and dimensions
Weight (kg) 15 9,7 9,7 4,2 4,8
Lenght (cm) 96-109 96-109 85 79.5 78
Height (cm) 96-102 94-102 41 20 20
Width (cm) 61 61 61 31 31

The largest of all 3 in 1 strollers, ready for every road

When it's neccessary, X-Move impresses with a solid construction and adaptation to walks in any, even difficult, terrain. The stroller has shock absorbing suspension and a comfortable reclining seat.

Most of all, it was designed to provide a close relationship between children and parents and to strengthen this extraordinary bond in every possible way. Therefore, turn the carrycot towards yourself, watch your child sleeping and playing during a walk to the park.

You do not have to worry about your safety and comfort, we took care of everything. X-Move has an additional canopy panel, which provides your child with maximum comfort and protection regardless of the weather: sun, wind or rain.

As the first on the market, we installed LED lights in the footrest. They guarantee better visibility In the evening or on badly lit roads. Everything to make your family safer after dark.

You love us for X-MOVE

X-Move is the characteristic model of the X-lander. Reliable and very durable. Move is the best in everything 😊

The largest, with largest hood, largest seat, best suspension and largest shopping basket. It is not afraid of any hole or uneven pavement, because it has amazing suspension system and four air wheels. Despite its large size, the frame folds quickly and very smoothly. In addition, the wheels can be removed with one move and without any effort. The frame has a folding lock which prevents the frame from unfolding when it is moved or taken out of the car booth.

X-Move will deal with any terrain and any unevenness. Tested on any surface, from sandy beaches to mountain and hilly areas. Bearings, high-quality wheels ensure smooth, light movement.

The seat can face front and rear. This is important for children who are still little and have just stopped using carrycot. Reversible seat will ensure eye contact and a sense of security for both child and parent.

Strollers components are made of the highest quality raw materials. Thanks to this, X-Move enjoys the reputation of the best quality stroller. The UV 50 fabric does not allow a lot of UV radiation in, and a very large can completely protect the child from the glaring sun. In the interests of increasing the safety, X-Lander strollers have an LED panel in the footrest, which increases the stroller visibility after dark.

Both X-Pram and X-Pram Light carrycots are suitable for X-Move without any adapters. Each of them can be used from the first days of a child's life up to 6 months (9kg). If the child is larger and we are already using the next, seat module, then the multi-level footrest and backrest change the stroller into a comfortable place for a nap.

X-Move is compatible with many models of top car seats. However, remember that you should not use the car seat instead of the carrycot while walking. When travelling in the car seat, take frequent breaks and try to take out the child from the seat as often as possible.

X-Move has a lot of matching accessories such as a backpack, a bag fastened on stroller handle etc. Wheel covers are especially comfortable when we want to keep our floors or car booth clean despite rainy weather, rain cover with ventilation and a convenient, detachable entrance, bottle holder are among the best and frequently chosen accessories . As for autumn and winter accessories, there are sleeping bags or warm gloves for a stroller handle.


Navigates smoothly through difficult terrain
Copes with really demanding paths and tracks and the ride is still smooth and safe. Air wheels provide comfortable ride as the vibrations do not affect the child, yet it is very important to keep the air pressure at optimal level. Perfect for trips to the areas outside the city, great for uneven pavements.

Ensuring eye contact with your child.
Reversible seat is not only a practical solution, but above all, great way to be close to your child. You can turn it over at any time and comfort your baby by keeping an eye contact with them, especially babies who are more anxious when using the seat unit for the first time. Sometimes when the children cannot see their parents they become insecure. Additionally, this function helps against sunshine and eases access to the child.

Greater visibility, increased security.
As one of the first on the Polish market, we have introduced additional LED lights in the footrest which provide maximum safety and visibility after dark increasing visibility by as much as 50 m. Their pulsating lights are seen from a much greater distance than traditional reflective elements. It is extremely important during walks in the evening or the the road is poorly lit. Simple to maintain, operating with three R44 batteries.

Simple to use, ensuring full protection of your child
It's absolute must have. Effective protection from cold wind, rain or scorching sun. Adjustable depending on the needs, it can be quickly enlarged by pulling the zipper. It's covering almost the entire seat, even when fully reclined so it creates a perfect and cosy nook when your child is soundly asleep in the pushchair.

Easily accessible and roomy
Going out with a child means taking the innumerable amount of things with you. Also, everyday shopping adds to this list. Our enlarged basket will help you in carrying all the things you need.

Without uninvited guests during the walk
Mosquito net is built into the footrest so it is always at hand when strolling in the park or forest or in the place where your child is prone to insects bites. It is fitted nicely to the seat frame so it makes the whole area insect-tight. Your child can take pleasure in napping in the open air without exposure to unpleasant bites. Apart from being a protective shield it also provides constant air flow.

Designed for safety and comfort
Our safety belts system is a harness with a buckle and 5 attachments points. Thanks to this solution the child is secure sitting in the pushchair and is unable to unfasten themselves.So it fully guarantees stability and security. The straps can be placed in the seat at two heights, adjusting them to the size and height of the child. They have protective casings separating the body against pressure and providing great convenience.

Air wheels in X-Move add to fine suspension and provide more comfort for the child. Both absorb the shocks better and eliminate uneven terrain.The vibrations during the ride are transferred to the wheels, not to the seat and the child can enjoy the stroll in peace and comfort. Soft suspension also works on rough terrains during walks with older children.

The durability and lightness of the baby stroller
Aluminium is a high quality raw material. It definitely strengthens the construction of our pushchairs. As a result, it is extremely durable and lightweight, which helps in bringing the frame up the stairs or packing it into the car boot.

Easy to keep clean
Adjustable handle is a necessity to walk with the pushchair comfortably, regardless of the situation. The handle can be adjusted to the height of the user with just one hand. We made it with eco leather, not only to provide a pleasant touch and a strong grip but also to keep it clean and durable.

Smart ergonomics
Although X-Move is quite a large pushchair, it is very easy to fold and unfold. Each module clicks in and out with pressing one button only. We have designed them in such a way that it can be done without in a simple way and without using much force. Similarly, the wheels are to be removed with one button as well.

UV50+ fabric
One of the assumptions in the design of strollers is children safety and health. All stroller fabrics have the highest UV50+ protection. Thanks to this protection, harmful, strong UV rays do not get inside the carrycot or the covered part of the seat. Large UV50 hood shields the child almost completely, taking care of their health and protecting against harmful external factors.

Included in the set

Accessories included


Bumper bar

Mosquito net


Safe after dark

Thanks to the LED lights mounted in the footrest, your child is guaranteed with even better visibility than traditional reflective elements. Visibility after dark is increases by up to 50 m. When you walk around in the dark or walk along a poorly lit road, you can be sure that your child is safe in their pushchair. You become visible to passing cars or other road users.

The LED lights are battery-operated, their assembly is really simple and takes a few moments. Turn the frame in a way you see the underside of the footrest. Insert the three LR44 batteries attached to your model. The button that activates the LED lights is located on the upper part of the frame. The panel shines either with a flashing light or a steady light. If necessary, you can use the instructions on the bottom of the footrest when installing the batteries.

It really makes your pushchair safe, protecting the ones that you love the most.

3in1 or 2in1 travel system?

3in1 is one of the options for your travel system. To be precise, you can install the carrycot, seat unit or car seat on the chassis. Depending on your child's age or situation which you are using the travel system in, this possibility is a very comfortable option.

2in1 is the term for the pram. It means that you can install either the seat or the carrycot of the frame. You child can use it from birth up to 3 years old.

3in1 or 2in1? make the best choice for you, your baby and your daily routines

Choose 3in1

Don't forget about additional units to be able to use one travel system regardless of child's age


Light and enlarged hood

From € 71,00 € 143,00

Car seat X-CAR

€ 152,00

Carrycot X-PRAM

With stylish profile, backrest adjusted from the outside

€ 143,00


Essential for car seat installation

€ 7,00
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X-lander pushchairs are in accordance with the European safety standard EN 1888, which defines the uniform technical requirements for safety as well as the procedure for inspecting prams in all of Europe. Each certified product obtains a mark confirming its tested properties.

X-lander pushchairs quality have been confirmed by multiple awards:

2014 award
Parents Award 2014

2014 MUST HAVE 2014, Łódź design festival award
the most interesting products from Polish designers and manufacturers

2013 Favourite products of Twój Maluszek 2013
Dziecko magazine plebiscite

Mamo to ja Hit 2013
Dziecko magazine plebiscite
Best for children in the category "Best puschair"

2009 Super Product
Dziecko magazine plebiscite

Mamo to ja Hit 2009
Dziecko magazine plebiscite
Best for children in the category "Best puschair"

2008 European medal
Office of the European Integration Committee BUSINESS CENTER CLUB

Good design 2009
Institute of Industrial Design

2008 Quality certificate PN-EN ISO 9001:2001
Polish accreditation center
design, manufacturing, sale and service of car seats and pushchairs

2007 Title great product
SUPER PRODUCT of Mam dziecko magazine
Car seats, Baby carriers, in sub category Pushchairs

stay safe

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