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The X-Fly stroller cover will protect it from scratches or damage that may occur during the journey. The X-Pack baby stroller bag has zippers along the entire length, thanks to which packing the stroller into it takes only a few moments. Baby stroller covers are an irreplaceable gadget when traveling. The stroller cover fulfills just such a role, allowing you to fully enjoy the moments together.

bag for X-Fly

  • Protects against damage and scratches to the chassis, and protects the upholstery. Ideal when traveling by plane, when we are not sure if our luggage is treated with appropriate caution.
  • Thanks to the zip, packing the buggy inside the cover is very simple and takes a moment.
  • Easy to fold and store when you’re not using it.
  • After taking out the buggy, the cover can be rolled up so that it takes up little space.
  • Feel free to carry the buggy on your shoulder using the strap attached to the set