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The pram muff is a dedicated hand warmer. It is mounted directly on the handle of the stroller. It is very easy to fasten with just two snaps. It does not interfere with adjusting the height of the handle. The muff is designed to protect your hands on cold days without the need for gloves. Thanks to this, the muff for the pram is perfect for emergency situations when you need to take care of your baby urgently, and gloves do not give enough freedom.

Our pram muff will keep your hands warm in winter

The X-Muff stroller muff fastened with a handle is a large, insulated glove. Protects hands while walking. Stroller muffs are more convenient than using gloves, which are often troublesome, especially when you need to give the child a pacifier, adjust clothes … A muff is a very useful hand warmer. Fastened so that it does not block the height adjustment of the handle, while giving full freedom of movement. The muff is made of a very warm and pleasant to the touch material in a neutral gray color. Thanks to this, it not only protects your hands, but also is a universal color element of the stroller that will always match the upholstery.