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No matter what happens, the year-round X-JIVE stroller will be moving in the temple. It is an agile model, a solution beyond size, ideal for use. Thanks to the easier wheels and shock absorption, it has proven itself on snow-covered sidewalks in winter and on forest paths in summer. It is also comfortable for the child. It “grows” with it. Importantly, the tests are important that this child can be from birth. So X-JIVE goes hand in hand with music. a solution that does not require corrections. A stroller created for every season.

X-JIVE is a multi-purpose stroller, when the child can exactly use it from birth until the weight of 22 kg. The load complies with EN 1888-2:2018.

What does it mean? That X-JIVE will be your child for the first years of life and as long as the baby needs to travel in a pram.

how difficult it is to do shopping with children when you only have two hands at your disposal, that’s why we made sure that for ten years the multi-purpose stroller could be done without additional equipment. No need to disengage the locks or disengage the landing gear of the other!

And these are not the only simplifications we have introduced. Wheels with ball bearings and a well-balanced center of gravity make the return self-guided, and maneuvering it does not require strength. So go from whether to a trip out of town or a shopping spree – you are in full control of the activities. Your child is safe and comfortable.

Download the instructions and check what we used in the X-JIVE X-LANDER stroller!



  • Large wheels - Stable travel regardless of the ground

  • Large, cushioned wheels soften shocks and provide the child with stability, comfort and travel safety. Whether you're cruising the aisles or driving up to high curbs in the city. Wheel bearings make it easier for you, because thanks to them, maneuvering the stroller is easy and pleasant. This year-round stroller for every season, thanks to large wheels, can handle sand on the beach or snow on the pavement.
  • Soft shock absorbing cushioning

  • Spring shock absorption on the front and rear wheels and metal bearings in the wheels that help the stroller roll, make the journey pleasant, for you and your child. Easy to drive, it also has large rear wheels, perfect in winter and summer. It's the perfect stroller for any time of the year.
  • Stable construction up to 22 kg

  • This is an important feature for you and your baby. For you, because it makes it easier to maneuver the stroller on different surfaces. For a child, because it provides him with travel comfort, regardless of the circumstances. The X-JIVE stroller complies with the EN 1888-2:2018 standard. This means that its maximum load is 22 kg. In most strollers, the upper limit is 15 kg. This model will therefore be suitable for a child from birth until the end of the period of riding in a stroller.
  • Feather-light design

  • The frame made of aluminum makes the construction of the stroller light and handy. You can easily and independently pack the stroller into the car after shopping or unfold it after reaching the start of the forest expedition.
  • Convenient folding system

  • Do you ever think that you could use extra hands to be able to do all the activities at once? We understand That's why we created a simple folding system. Thanks to it, you can fold the stroller with one hand. Compact dimensions make the stroller easily fit in the trunk, in the elevator or in a small hallway. And whenever you want, you can unfold it yourself and without any problem.
  • Spacious seat - plenty of space for the child and…

  • When you spend time with your baby, whether you're going to the nearby store or going for a long walk, you want your little one to feel comfortable. A large seat with dimensions of 35 × 20 cm will easily accommodate both a child and his favorite mascot. You will fasten a thick, winter sleeping bag and provide a lot of space for your baby. The stroller folds flat, providing plenty of space for a comfortable nap. Remember that the X-JIVE multifunctional stroller grows with your child, so you can be sure that your toddler will be comfortable. And that's from birth!
  • Smooth adjustment of the backrest - for exploring and resting

  • The little explorer watches the world from different perspectives with curiosity. The smooth backrest adjustment system makes it easy for you to raise your child so that he can look at the passing places. You can recline the backrest when it's nap time. The height adjustment is based on a strap system. You release the lock mechanism, use the string to adjust the height of the backrest. You pull the tape, let go at any time and you're done.
  • Expandable booth - plenty of space to admire the world

  • The enlarged booth will increase the comfort of walking a smaller and larger child. The possibility of increasing its depth by 20 cm is an important element of a pleasant journey. Such a booth will protect the toddler from the harsh summer sun and strong wind in autumn or winter, allowing you to look at the places you pass by. With one move, in this year-round stroller you will enlarge the hood that will protect your baby.
  • Ventilated canopy - fresh air all the time

  • The hood in the X-JIVE stroller is equipped with ventilation. The mesh ventilation panel placed behind the child's head allows not only air circulation on warm days, but also peeking inside and watching the sleeping toddler. This all-season stroller has solutions that are perfect for every season.
  • Reflective elements - visible from a distance

  • The tires of the front and rear wheels of the stroller are equipped with reflectors. The entire front panel of the visor is also reflective. It is worth knowing that it can be hidden or extended if necessary. This is how we increased the visibility of the stroller after sunset. Thus, we took care of your and your child's safety, even when you are going for a walk after dusk. This is the perfect solution for the winter, when it gets dark at around 4 pm.