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No matter what happens, X-JIVE buggy by X-LANDER is so multifunctional that it will keep up with your pace. It’s agile, stable and easy to fold. Also, safe and comfortable for the child at the same time. It “grows” with them. Importantly, tests confirm that it can be used even from birth. Surely, it is possible thanks to the use of special safety harness. X-JIVE means functionality that goes hand in hand with quality. A solution that doesn’t require compromise.

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X-JIVE is a universal buggy by X-LANDER that will work in all conditions. A child can use it from birth until they reach a weight of 22 kg according to the EN 1888-2: 2018 standard.
What does it mean? It means that X-JIVE will serve your child during the first years of their life and for as long as it is needed for the toddler to use it.
We know how difficult it can be to shop with children when you have only two hands at your disposal 😊 That is why we made sure that this multifunctional stroller can be folded without much effort. No need to release the lock or fold the chassis with both hands!
And these are not the only improvements that we have introduced. Wheels with bearings and a well-balanced center of gravity make the buggy very agile, and maneuvering does not require much effort. So whether it’s a forest or a shopping trip – you have complete control of it. And your baby feels safe and comfortable. Download the user manual and check what solutions we used in X-LANDER X-JIVE!

Download the user manual and check what solutions we used in X-LANDER X-JIVE!

Weight and dimensions

Unfolded L/H/W 79/109/58,5cm
Folded L/H/W 57/36/58,5cm
Seat (lying position) 82cm
Seat L/W 20/34cm
Backrest L/W/ 45/31 cm
Footrest L/W 17/38cm
Weight 8,2kg

X-JIVE is an ideal buggy for all weather conditions and season of the year

Exploring the world together with your child is an amazing adventure, isn’t it? Even if it is demanding! We know how important it is to be versatile and adaptable to changing conditions and the needs your family. After all, trips to grandparents, out of town or on holiday allow you to build a close relationship with your child and build a whole set of great memories

To make it possible you need a perfect buggy and, first of all, a buggy that will not limit your you any way.
X-JIVE is designed to give possibilities and adapt to different road types. This year-round buggy will work well during every trip. You can easily adapt it to the changing weather. Add a mosquito net, a sleeping bag or a rain cover to bring your child along with you. Share the passions. Create unforgettable memories together! Regardless of the conditions.
Sudden change of plans? Easy peasy! Folding system is easy to handle. You can easily fold the buggy and transport it even in a small car. And then you can quickly unfold it and continue with your day.
What else have we done to make X-Jive feel like the one? We chose wheels with metal bearings. They have improved riding properties and guarantee a smooth ride.

Simple folding

You have all kinds of responsibilities on your mind and you try to keep up with the world daily. In this situation, agile, flexible solutions as well as mobile and functional features are there which matter the most. And that’s exactly what X-JIVE is about. No matter where you are going, you can take your baby with you anywhere you like.
Thanks to simple folding and unfolding system, you can easily pack it into car boot. It is very compact after folding so you can store it in your apartment or corridor. When folded, its dimensions are 63 × 46 × 31 cm (without wheels on).
You can fold the stroller using buttons. To assemble the chassis, press the button and direct the handle down – until the folding lock engages. To remove the wheels, press the button and slide them off the axle. You can also remove bumper bar in the same way as the wheels. Isn’t it easy?
Unfolding is a cakewalk too. Unfasten folding lock and lift the handle upwards. The chassis will click when properly unfolded. You can install the wheels and bumper bar with one move. Just click and that’s it!

Year-round buggy, multifunctional and handy

X-JIVE is equipped with a large shopping basket with dimensions of 35 × 32 × 10 cm that can be additionally enlarged with Velcro. Large basket is greatly of help when going shopping. It can hold additional baby clothes, a blanket and a rain cover which are definitely a must in everyday use.Easy to clean
Having a child in your life means more smiles, joy and … washing. We know how much value you put fabrics and materials that are easy to clean. That’s why we used washable polyester when creating X-JIVE. Thanks to this, you will get rid of stains as quickly as they appear. Additionally, footrest, which is particularly exposed to dirt, is covered with rubber. You can easily wipe off wheels as well. We all know that the weather can change suddenly during long walk. Even then, X-JIVY can be easily cleaned and maintained before putting it into car boot.

X-JIVE features

Large wheels with suspension soften shocks and provide the child with stability, comfort and safety of travel. Regardless of whether you are cruising through shop alleys or going up high curbs in the city. Wheels with ball bearings provide comfort, because they make maneuvering really easy and walks are more pleasant, despite if it is sandy beach or snowy sidewalk.

Spring suspension on the front and rear wheels and metal bearings in the wheels make the buggy easier to roll and make the journey fun. Easy to maneuvre thanks to large rear wheels, ideal for all weather conditionas and season of the year.

This is an important feature for you and your baby. It makes it easier to maneuver on various surfaces and provides the child with comfort during walks, regardless of the circumstances. X-JIVE complies with the EN 1888-2: 2018 standard. This means that its maximum load is 22 kg. In most strollers, the upper limit is 15 kg. This model will therefore be suitable for your baby from birth until you decide to stop using the buggy.

Aluminum chassis makes the construction light and easy to handle. You can pack it into the car on your own and without any problems after shopping or unfold it before you start your walk in the forest.

Do you ever think you could use extra hands to do everything at once? We get it 😊 That’s why we’ve created a simple folding system. Thanks to it, you can fold the buggy with one hand. Compact dimensions make it easily fit a car boot, lift or small hall. Whenever you want, you can unfold it yourself without any problem

When you spend time with your baby, whether you’re going to a nearby store or for a long walk, you want your child to feel comfortable. Large seat with dimensions of 35 × 20 cm can easily fit both a child and their favorite mascot. You can also use it with winter sleeping bag and provide a lot of space for your baby for a comfortable nap. Remember that X-JIVE grows with your child, so you can be sure that your toddler will be comfortable

Our little explorers eagerly look at the world from different levels. Smooth and silent backrest adjustment system allows you to change the position easily and let your child see the surroundings. You can lower the backrest when it’s nap time. Level height is based on a comfortable belt system. You just have to release lock mechanism, use a tape to adjust the height of the backrest.

Enlarged hood will increase child’s comfort during walk. It is possible to make it bigger 20 cm which is a really important feature. Such a hood will shield against harsh sun and strong wind.

Hood in X-JIVE is equipped with ventilation panel. Mesh ventilation panel located behind child’s head allows not only air circulation, but also allows you to keep an eye on sleeping child.

Front and rear tires have additional reflective elements. The entire front panel of the hood also reflects light. It is worth knowing that it can be hidden or pulled out if necessary. This is how we increased the visibility of the buggy after dark. We also took care of your and your child’s safety, even when you are using your buggy at dusk.

Safety comes first

Your child’s safety is the most important thing. That is why we have taken care of a number of solutions that will provide support in this field. You should know that X-JIVE has been tested at the independent TÜV Institute. Thanks to this, we have confirmed its compliance with the EN 1888-2: 2018 standard. It performed well in endurance tests up to 22 kg. It has also undergone safety tests regarding the stability and composition of materials. It does not contain harmful substances, there are no gaps. So we are sure that we are giving you a completely safe product. However, standards are not everything. X-JIVE is equipped with 5-point seat belts. 5-point, because the seat belt fastening clasps comes out of 5 places. The child cannot slide out and fall out on its own. Belts make it fastened stably and securely. X-JIVE is also equipped with reflective elements. The entire front hood panel reflects light. This makes it visible both from the front and from the sides.
There are also reflective stripes on each wheel rim. This solution ensures good visibility at dusk. And you can enjoy a warm evening walk with your loved ones.

Unique buggy for many generations ahead

Many parents wonder how to choose a stroller that will last a long time. And we are aware of the importance of product quality and reliability. That is why we want X-JIVE to keep pace with your child and last for a long time.
With this year-round buggy, a child can travel from infancy to 4 years of age (or until it reaches a weight of 22 kg). A spacious seat with dimensions of 35 × 20 cm ensures comfort for every child traveling inside. The standard depth of 50 cm can be increased to 70 cm after the hood panel is extended. The belts allow you to choose one of three positions: suitable for a newborn, good for a child who is not sitting alone yet, and also suitable for a toddler who is already standing upright. In addition, detachable bumper bar allows an older child to enter the buggy on their own.
Adjustable backrest system makes the journey comfortable. All you have to do is release the belt lock mechanism and adjust its length. The backrest angle is – even over 150 °. This allows you to carry a newborn baby or comfortably put an older baby to sleep. Sounds like a fascinating journey full of adventures? Let’s live it together!

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