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A stroller that surprises with its functionality. It has the widest seat weighing 8 kg, so the most comfortable chair for your toddler. After folding, it turns into a small, neat package that fits easily in the trunk of a car.
*Fabrics may differ in weave.

This stroller is with a spacious seat ideal for transport with an LED panel in the footrest, agile and cushioned
X-Go with its construction offers parents an uncompromising solution between the maximum comfort of the child and the comfortable use of the stroller.

Effortless to drive. And the wheels with ball bearings provide the child with a quiet ride, absorbing vibrations and shocks.

Smooth and silent adjustment of the seat means that we can easily stop the position of the backrest at any height. Which gives even more comfort to the little passenger, also during a nap, when we unfold the spacious seat. We are aware that this is one of the most important moments of the day. So why shouldn’t carefree childhood sleep be possible everywhere?

Download the manual and see how easy it is to use!



  • Ventilation panel

  • Adjusting the amount of incoming air. The lockable ventilation panel allows you to adjust the air flow in the stroller, depending on the outside temperature and weather. Indispensable especially on hot days and in the bright sun. It protects the toddler, increasing his comfort during walks. It also works as a viewing window when the child is transported facing the direction of travel.
  • Swiveling, lockable front wheels with ball bearings

  • Comfort and ease of maneuvering the stroller Swiveling wheels make it easy to maneuver the stroller on any, even the most demanding terrain. Equipped with bearings, they roll easily even with gentle pushing of the trolley. You gain full control when driving around town with your child. And with one button, you can lock the wheels to improve driving comfort and comfort for your toddler when walking on uneven ground.
  • Five-point seat belts

  • A walk with a guarantee of safety It is a system of fastening the belts with a buckle, which come out of as many as five places. Thanks to this fastener, there is no chance for the child to free himself from it or fall out. Therefore, they fully guarantee stability and protection, also at different speeds and on different surfaces. The belts can be moved in the seat at three heights, adjusting them to the height and size of the toddler. They have covers protecting his body against pressure, which, in addition to safety, also gives him great comfort.
  • Reclining seat

  • Perfectly suited to your child Smooth and silent adjustment, thanks to which we can arrange the backrest at any height, adjusting it to the position of the toddler. An extremely useful function, especially when the child wants to sleep during a walk.
  • Eco-leather handle

  • Hygienic and easy-care handle The barrier and handle of the trolley are made of stylish, soft eco-leather, which is extremely easy to clean and resistant to mechanical damage. Unlike foam handles, it is easy to clean. Very comfortable when driving the stroller.
  • Aluminum frame

  • Spacious seat Despite the spacious seat, the stroller is extremely light. It's all thanks to the aluminum construction, which is durable, but allows you to easily carry it up the stairs or hide it in the trunk.
  • Spacious seat

  • The best solution for your child The very wide seat will work even with older children. The best solution for children's comfort until you no longer need the stroller.
  • Mosquito net

  • Handy protection on every walk We have built a mosquito net into the footrest, which makes it possible to quickly fasten it to the stroller during a walk in the park or forest. Wherever your little one is exposed to insect bites. Perfectly matched to the stroller frame, it covers every gap. The mosquito net ensures the safety of the child, especially when sleeping outdoors, but also strengthens its mental comfort. The mesh creates a kind of cozy tent in which it feels safe.
  • UV50 fabric

  • UV50 fabric One of the assumptions when designing prams is the highest care for the safety and health of children. All fabrics in strollers have the highest UV50 solar radiation transmittance protector. Thanks to such protection, harmful, strong radiation does not get inside the gondola or the covered part of the seat. The sliding UV50 canopy covers the child sitting in the stroller almost completely, taking care of his health and protecting against harmful external factors.


  • Foot cover

  • Bumper-bar

  • Mosquito net

  • X-Bag Lite