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X-PADStroller liner


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A cotton insert for a stroller that makes the ride more pleasant. The bottom part of the insert is made of airy, shock-absorbing mesh with a 3D structure. Machine washable.

Stroller insert
X-Pad is an insert for a stroller. It is made of fabric with a 3D structure, thanks to which it allows air to circulate. The top part of the insole is made of pleasant to the touch cotton. The combination of these two materials makes the child sweat less. Especially on warm summer days, the pram insert absorbs moisture very well. Due to its exceptional thickness, the insert for the stroller additionally reduces vibrations transmitted to the seat. Stroller inserts are not only more comfortable for the baby, but also protect the seat itself against dirt. It is also possible to personalize the stroller with a color of your choice. The insert for the stroller is machine washable.

Inserts to choose from in one of five colors.