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The easy-to-install trolley platform is perfect for your older child. The stroller attachment is a great solution if you have two children, you can attach it to the stroller frame whenever your “older” still needs transport. The stroller extension is especially useful during long summer walks in the park, in the city or outside. The footrest for the stroller will allow you and your children to enjoy both shorter and longer trips, and will make the most of the time spent together. Due to its handyness and lightness, the stroller platform is definitely a better solution than the accessories available on the market, such as a stroller extension with a seat or a stroller side extension, which are heavier and take up much more space when folded.

Shared rides thanks to the stroller add-on
A platform on wheels that you push together with the trolley. You can mount the stroller extension to the frame of the younger child’s stroller, which will allow you to have two of your children close to each other. Stroller extras are a great solution for children who have given the stroller to younger siblings, and sometimes they still need to rest during a longer walk or are too tired and do not have the strength to continue. Strollers with an extra bed, thanks to their practicality and functionality, are ideal for both short walks and longer trips.

The stroller attachment is easy to use and quick to assemble,
The platform with an extra bed can be folded without the need to dismantle the additional platform,
Thanks to removable wheels, the extra bed is light and convenient to store,
The stroller platform is designed for children up to 20 kg. The stroller extension is stable and comfortable, and above all, safe for your child.


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