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Baby shoes for non-walking babies are made of the highest quality certified natural leather to ensure comfort and warmth for babies. Casual shoes protect the baby’s feet while walking in the stroller. They are very easy to put on – they do not have buttons or complicated fasteners. They easily slip on the foot. Baby shoes are available in three sizes and many colors. X-Step will be perfect in the autumn-winter period, warming your child’s legs.


Winter baby shoes are made of soft natural suede. Inside, they are insulated with a fur knitwear from a Polish manufacturer.
The shoes are handmade in Poland from soft, breathable leather. The leather from which they are made is constantly checked for the content of harmful substances, therefore it is completely free of chromium and formaldehyde (compliance with ISO 17075-1: 2017), carcinogenic amines and pesticides listed in the regulation of the German Ministry of Health of June 15, 1994 and is certified REACH compliance.
For the proper development of the infant’s foot and learning to move, doctors recommend soft shoes and walking barefoot. The non-slip sole made of suede is extremely durable, perfectly adapts to the foot of the child. Walking shoes are recommended by pediatricians as an alternative to barefoot walking.