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The BABY-SAFE i-SIZE infant car seat is adapted to the growth of your child, guarantees its safety and comfort. The Britax car seat is suitable for your little one from birth up to 15 months or 83 cm tall. The seat-carrier has been equipped with an additional insert for the newborn, providing it with additional support. The insole also acts as shock absorber. And when your child starts to grow, you can remove it and adjust the height of the headrest to give him more space.


Britax – child safety when traveling by car
The Britax infant car seat not only protects your little one from possible shocks or impacts. It also takes care of its correct positioning while driving. Since the baby’s muscles are not yet developed enough after birth, it is better for him to lie down. It will give him even more protection. The Britax car seat was created for newborns from the first moments of their lives. The car seat is suitable for children up to 83 cm tall, thanks to which it can serve your child for a long time, around the first 15 months. Thanks to the additional cushioning insole, you can be sure that your child is comfortable and pleasant. The car seat for a newborn provides your child with a reclining position, thanks to which driving a car is completely comfortable and, above all, safe for him. The newborn car seat is perfect for all families who often travel by car, and the health and safety of their children is the most important thing for them.

What is i-Size?
i-Size is the European safety standard for car seats for children under 15 months of age. It is worth noting that the child seat meets all safety standards, which guarantees additional protection for children during the journey. i-Size came into force in July 2013 due to the obligation to transport children in this age group rear-facing. Previously, this provision applied to babies up to 9-12 months of age.

Remember that a newborn car seat must, above all, provide maximum protection for your child when traveling by car. We designed it with this in mind. During walks, put your baby in the carrycot, ensuring a comfortable and safe position on a flat surface.