Ultralight buggy

Compact buggy with great functionality. It has the widest seat in the X-lander family and weighs only 8 kg. X-Go is the most comfortable buggy for your child. It turns into a small, slim package when folded and easily fits in the boot of your car.

* Weave in particular fabrics may vary.

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This stroller is with a spacious seat perfect for transportation with LED panel in the footrest manoeuvrable and amortized

X-Go provides an uncompromising solution between the maximum comfort of the child and the comfort of use.

Smotth ride. Wheels with ball bearings provide the child with smooth ride, minimizing vibrations and shocks.

Smooth and silent adjustment of the seat makes it possible to stop the position of the backrest at any height without any problems. It gives even more convenience to a small passenger, also during a nap. We realize that this is one of the most important moments of the day so we care about carefree childhood dreams everywhere you go.

Download the instruction manual and check how easy it is to use!

Weight and dimensions

Weight (kg) 9.5 9.5
Length (cm) 87 67
Height (cm) 98 27
Width (cm) 54 55

X-GO features

Airflow control
Closed ventilation panel allows you to adjust the amount of incoming air in the stroller, depending on the outdoor temperature and weather. Necessary especially on hot days and in hot sun. It protects the child, increasing their comfort during walks. It also works well as a view window when the child travels forward facing.

Comfort and convenience
Swivel wheels make it easy to maneuver the pushchair on the most demanding terrain. Equipped with ball bearings, they smoothly roll with the slightness push. You gain full control while exploring the city with your child. You can lock the wheels with just one button to improve comfort of the ride and your child’s comfort when walking on uneven ground.

Walk with safety
Our safety belts system is a harness with a buckle and 5 attachments points. Thanks to this solution the child is secure sitting in the pushchair and is unable to unfasten themselves.So it fully guarantees stability and security. The straps can be placed in the seat at three heights, adjusting them to the size and height of the child. They have protective casings separating the body against pressure and providing great convenience.

Fit to child’s needs
Smooth and quiet adjustment, thanks to which we can arrange the backrest at any height, adjusting it to the child’s position and preferences. Extremely useful function, especially when the child wants to take a nap while walking.

Hygienic handle, easy to maintain
The bumper bar and the handle are made of a stylish and soft eco leather, which is extremely easy to clean and resistant to mechanical damage. In contrast to foam handles, it can be cleaned easily. Very comfortable in use.

Large seat
Despite quite a large seat, the pushchair is extremely light. It’s all thanks to the aluminium construction, which is durable, but allows you to bring it up the stairs or pack into the car boot easily.

The best solution for your child
A very wide seat will work even with older children. The best solution for children’s comfort.

Handy protection during walks
We have built a mosquito net into the footrest. It gives you the opportunity to quickly fasten it to the buggy during a walk in the park or forest. Everywhere where your child is exposed to insect bites. Perfectly matched to the frame of the buggy, it covers it completely. Mosquito net ensures the safety of your child, especially during a nap in open air. Its mesh texture creates a cosy nook when it is stretched over the hood.

UV50+ fabric
One of the assumptions in the design of strollers is children safety and health. All stroller fabrics have the highest UV50+ protection. Thanks to this protection, harmful, strong UV rays do not get inside the carrycot or the covered part of the seat. Large UV50 hood shields the child almost completely, taking care of their health and protecting against harmful external factors.

A lightweight stroller for every season. Does it exist? And what to pay attention to!

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Accessories included


Bumper bar

Mosquito net

X-BAG Lite

Safe after dark

Thanks to the LED lights mounted in the footrest, your child is guaranteed with even better visibility than traditional reflective elements. Visibility after dark is increases by up to 50 m. When you walk around in the dark or walk along a poorly lit road, you can be sure that your child is safe in their pushchair. You become visible to passing cars or other road users.

The LED lights are battery-operated, their assembly is really simple and takes a few moments. Turn the frame in a way you see the underside of the footrest. Insert the three LR44 batteries attached to your model. The button that activates the LED lights is located on the upper part of the frame. The panel shines either with a flashing light or a steady light. If necessary, you can use the instructions on the bottom of the footrest when installing the batteries.

It really makes your pushchair safe, protecting the ones that you love the most.

Agile 2 in 1 buggy with spacious seat

We have created X-Go thinkg about your child’s older childer who need extra space inside. In fact, X-Go grows along with them. We equipped it in five-point safety belts, easily adjusting to the child’s height, but also their body.

Nothing will stop you from long trips to the city and beyond. Shared time during walks are the most important value that we can give to your family.

A wide chair that distinguishes X-Go from other strollers does not mean it weights more. On the contrary, it is one of the lightest buggies in our collection. The seat add to the comfrom of the buggy.

We get a folded buggy in a sec, ready for moving or storing. Even the LED panel mounted in the footrest does not change it. Thanks to it, the child is guaranteed full safety after dark. No inconvenience, no threats, but a lot of family time spent together.

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