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X-RUN Jogging stroller


Price applies to stroller only, not full set

A Jogging stroller that maximizes the safety of your child during active walks. X-Run has inclined wheels for better stability. The protective hand strap, the bell and the hand brake allow you to have full control, regardless of speed and terrain. Small or big hill ahead of you? Driving on them will be an extremely peaceful and comfortable walk for your child.

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images/image-big-x-run.png Always on the move

X-Run Jogging stroller is certified and tested in accordance with the most demanding standards that strollers should meet. Created to provide your child with maximum safety during active walks.

Stroller ideal for runners, it has inclined rear wheels, what makes the whole frame more stable while running. They make it easier to run also on an uneven surface.

Even more energetic run will not disrupt the child's comfort and safety. The seat is hung on straps, this solution minimize vibrations and prevent them from distributing to the inside of the seat. Thanks to this, a stroller with a child will work on uneven or gravel roads.

Download the instruction manual and check
how easy it is to use!

Download the instruction manual and check
Weight and dimensions
Weight (kg) 11,6 11,6 11,6 4,8
Lenght (cm) 111 111 104 78
Height (cm) 93-115 93-115 39 20
Width (cm) 60 60 60 31

3 in 1 Jogging stroller for active parents

Jogging stroller X-Run has been created for those who love active lifestyle. That's why, jogging stroller is ideally suited for both runs and walks. It impresses with its durability, but also with its lightweight construction. Thanks to it, our runner is lead easily.

Running, roller blading or quick changes of direction during training will be pleasant for both your child and you.

X-Run was created to enable parents to be close to their children. Thanks to Jogging stroller you can still develop your activity by providing yourself with a decent dose of movement! With this stroller, the dynamic family walk will turn into safe fun.

This does not mean that X-Run is a stroller designed exclusively for sports-loving parents. Reliability and versatility, which characterize our Jogging stroller, also consists in the fact that it is incredibly practical and greatly facilitates everyday trips to the city. We know well that they can be a challenge. Therefore, X-Run is durable but very light, which makes it easy to carry.

X-Run Jogging stroller has a large comfortable seat that provides the child with great comfort and allows you to take a pek of them thanks to a viewing window in the hood. In addition, we equipped our stroller with a spacey and adjustable shopping basket. Also ideal for storing the most-needed things when you go out for longer.

And if you need it, you can enlarge the space inside the seat by adjusting the footrest and add comfort to your child.

You love us for X-RUN


Necessary addition for child's safety during training
A bell installed on the pushchair handle guarantees safety. Especially while running or training on some busy paths.

Designed for safety and comfort
Our safety belts system is a harness with a buckle and 5 attachments points. Thanks to this solution the child is secure sitting in the pushchair and is unable to unfasten themselves.So it fully guarantees stability and security. The straps can be placed in the seat at three heights, adjusting them to the size and height of the child. They have protective casings separating the body against pressure and providing great convenience.

Ergonomic wheel removal
It is an exceptionally parents-friendly patent for the wheels removal. We know that time counts when it comes to children. That's why one hand movement is enough to press the lever and release the wheel to allow its quick disassembly. As a result, the frame size is also significantly reduced, making it easier to transport and store. Rear wheels are easy to remove as well.

Simple to use, assuring full protection
It's an absolute must have. It gives effective protection against wind, rain or sun. Adjustable, depending on the needs, it can be enlarged by pulling a zip. After unfolding it covers the child completely, adjusting to their position. So it works well when your child is sound asleep, creating a cosy place for them to nap

Guaranteed security during active parent training
Handbrake is a must for a pushchair participating in your every day training activities. Both for people who love roller skating and for those who love to run. It allows you to control the speed of the pushchair, even on slops and hills.The handbrake on the handle is a mandatory feature for strollers designed for running.

Airy seat with good air circulation
A mesh panel hidden under the zip can be quickly and easily opened to allow air into the seat. Thanks to this solution, your child can enjoy travels during the summer, especially in sunny days. When opened partially, the parents can have a peek on their child especially when facing forward.

Comfortable walk for both parents and children
Definitely these are the two most useful additions for active parents. Mosquito net protects your child during training or running outside the city or on a forest path. Thanks to it, the child can run with you safely and go down for a nap as well. X-Run has the shopping basket which is not only roomy, but also has an additional zip at the front to store things and allow them to be unpacked easily.

Lightweight with fine shock absorption
This type of seat is hung on special straps. Thanks to this, your little passenger will fell comfortable while walking or running in rough terrain. The straps absorb shocks, not transferring them onto the child.The seat folds together with the frame. The seat itself is extremely light and does not affect the weight of the whole pushchair. Depending on the position of the child, for its better comfort, the backrest of the seat can be easily adjusted.

Durability, quality and good style
Strengthened seams in the seat not only guarantee its durability, but also provide it with higher quality. Strengthening the seat is due to the fact that, similarly to the footrest of the seat, it is particularly exposed to exploitation. Also, they make the seat more comfortable for the child.

UV50+ fabric
One of the assumptions in the design of strollers is children safety and health. All stroller fabrics have the highest UV50+ protection. Thanks to this protection, harmful, strong UV rays do not get inside the carrycot or the covered part of the seat. Large UV50 hood shields the child almost completely, taking care of their health and protecting against harmful external factors.

Wózek do biegania z dzieckiem – X-Run
Wózek biegowy 3w1 typu jogger

Included in the set

Accessories included

Pokrowiec na nóżki do wózka biegowego X-Run


Moskitiera do wózka do biegania

Mosquito net

Barierka ochronna do wózka jogger X-Run

Bumper bar

3in1 or 2in1 travel system?

3in1 is one of the options for your travel system. To be precise, you can install the carrycot, seat unit or car seat on the chassis. Depending on your child's age or situation which you are using the travel system in, this possibility is a very comfortable option.

2in1 is the term for the pram. It means that you can install either the seat or the carrycot of the frame. You child can use it from birth up to 3 years old.

3in1 or 2in1? make the best choice for you, your baby and your daily routines

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Do not forget about additional modules that will allow you to use one stroller regardless of the child's age

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