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New adventure ahead

Meet the pushchairs which meet the highest expectations

X-Cite 3 in 1 type stroller

Easy through the city.


Extremely comfortable, surprisingly agile, very compact, and in addition, a safe stroller. The smallest and lightest mini version of the 3-in-1 strolley with a bucket seat. The backrest, seat and footrest are one whole element. Stroller which can be used for newborns.

X-Move 3 in 1 type stroller

Always on the move

1 998,00 zł

The largest 3-in-1 stroller. Thanks to good suspension and 4 air wheels it gained the title of SUV among strollers. A large, comfortable stroller, which guarantees comfort and safety even on difficult terrain.

X-Pulse 3 in 1 type stroller  

On a daily trip

1 628,00 zł

A small 3in1 stroller with very practical solutions. Air 10-inch wheels, large hood, and reclining seat with adjustable footrest make it an ideal stroller - both outdoor and urban.

X-Run Jogging stroller

Always on the move


Jogging-type stroller for active families. Jogging stroller with inclined wheels, which significantly increase its stability. In addition, equipped with a bell and hand brake, allows more control during walks and runs together.

X-Go Buggy-type stroller 

In the rythm of the city


Smart. Compact buggy that has the most comfortable and widest seat in the collection. It has reclining seat. Perfect for travels, folded into a small package, so it does not take up too much space. Ideally suited also for the smallest children, becauseis compatible with group 0 car seat. Lightweight stroller - only 9,5 kg, which every child and parent will love.

X-Fly Buggy-type stroller

In the heart of journey.


Extremely light buggy - it weighs only 6,9 kg. It is so compact that when folded, it is very easy to carry thanks to the included shoulder strap. It has a big seat and large hood for a buggy and thanks to its suspension and ball bearing wheels, it is very easy to ride, even with one hand only. A car seat group 0+ can be attached to it can be used from birth.

Customer's opinions

See customer's opinions


I have X-Move and I wouldn't change it for anything else! I carried it on the 4th floor and I'm a petite person. Move rides everywhere - in the woods, in the countryside, in the city, on snow and on sand. My daughter has a lot of space in the seat as well. She also used enlarged carrycot for a very long time.


Pushchair for all terrains - doesn't matter if it's snow, sand, high curbs or whatever else. I strongly recommend it!


I've been using it for 1.5 years and I can not imagine having other stroller. It's a revelation for me. A great advantage is it's smooth lead while walking, comfortable seat, folds together with the seat. Typical urban stroller.


I tested it in the city - because I live here on a daily basis. It can handle the mountains, sand, forest, half-meter snow drifts, with no problem. I honestly recommend it !!!!

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Which stroller to choose

Wózki dla dzieci - darmowy przegląd po roku

Wózki dziecięce i akcesoria do wózków X-lander - FAQ

You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Producent wózków dziecięcych X-lander

Polish tradition, Dutch design.

We are a family company designing and producing strollers for children. We know that being a parent is indeed the greatest and the most beautiful adventure in life. Thanks to the new line, active time spent together will provide even more pleasure. We know that life is a journey, from the moment the child comes into this world. It is the time of many discoveries and getting to know each other. For us, activity is a way of life and parenting.

Activity, joy and responsibility are the values that constitute both the foundation of the brand and the basis of any new product development. Thanks to them, we support family quality time and we offer more opportunities of spending time together. Your journey is our goal.

enjoy the ride
Wózki 3w1 oraz wózki spacerowe – dedykowane aktywnej rodzinie

Activity, joy and responsibility

Each of these values is applied to our projects. They can be seen in the colours, precision of workmanship, many new and functional solutions. We want them to be a part of your active family life! Therefore, as a design partner, we joined the X-Lander brand. Our common goal is to create a collection that perfectly meets the needs of children, while meeting the requirements of those who love movement, travel and long walks. Together with the X-Lander brand, we returned to their roots, combining Polish tradition and the Dutch design, still maintaining it on a world-class level. Together, we have created a harmonious space for even more convenient solutions, more practical details. Just to be together, as often as possible.

Spacerówki i wózki dla niemowlaka – nowe rozwiązania

New solutions

You don't have to but you can

Choose compatible accessories
and enjoy the comfort


Big bag



Sun protection


Bottle holder


X-Cite insert


Design and implementation: grupa KMK